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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cupcakes and a Knight Preview

On Saturday we made Italian Cream Cupcakes. They are soooooo yummy! We frosted them on Monday morning. Lon put on the sprinkles. He did a great job.

I think I will be making these again. Lon likes them too.
Tonight I worked on Lon's Knight costume for an upcoming party. You can't really see all the detail. The lion (of course) is outlined in silver and the tabs on the sleeves and around the bottom are also detailed in silver thread. I will post a photo or 5 of Lon in the outfit when the silver shin guards are done and Lon is awake. Sometimes I miss sleep....
Even though it looks like the sleeves are different lengths, they are not.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ketchikan Picnic

Sunday afternoon we went to the Ketchikan Picnic. It was fun! Lon had a good time.

Next to the picnic pavilion they had a large play area. Lon spent most of his time there. This is a tire. Amazingly big.

Lon with Mystery Madame X. You know who you are!

Lon and Mrs. Porter.
Lon got a hold of my camera, and took some pictures. He got a nice picture of his cookie.
Of course the weather was Ketchikan like for this picnic. Overcast, almost raining, and in the 60s. It is July, right?
After we got home from the picnic, Lon and I got ready to meet Aunt KK at the airport! She had a 4 hour layover here. It was good to see her. We got out of the airport, had a wonderful dinner at 13 Coins (the airport location is wonderful, downtown, not so much). We had a nice visit, Lon was very very good at the restaurant, he was asleep by the time we got halfway back to our house. He slept all night in his own bed! Very nice!

New Stroller

The Zooper stroller started acting up, AGAIN. Then the back wheel blew out, AGAIN. This time, instead of arguing and fighting the company, we just went and got a new one. Four wheels that are not inflatable. On the directions for this one it says, when using on the beach just hose it off to get the sand out and when dry spray WD-40 on it if needed. That was reassuring. We will see how this one does. This one has a mommy tray so I can carry my coffee with me. BONUS!
This one will carry Lon to 50 pounds.
It is also alot lighter and folds up smaller than the Zooper.
Lon likes the snack/play tray. Very fun!

Monday, July 21, 2008

First Swim Lesson Alone

Today was the first day of Lon's big boy swim lessons! He got into the little pool with three other preschool kids, and they all listened to Coach Amber teaching them to swim.

Ring Around the Rosie, splashes, splashes we all blow bubbles!

Kicking, kicking, kicking!

Getting boats for a boat race down the pool!

They played at the end of the pool and did crocodile walks across the pool. Lon had a great time and he is going to do it again tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Chasing Geese

Today Lon and I walked to the Friday Market. Uncle Vasu, Auntie Harshu and Daddy met us there. Very fun. We walked all through the market, Lon got a great big cookie and gelato. Mommy got some sorbetto (apricot and it was super good!) We walked around goosepoop park. Lon played at the park and there was a gaggle of geese he wanted to chase. So we let him.

The following are some pictures of Lon chasing geese, not even close to catching them.
Come on guys! You chase me now!
Okay, I am done now. We can go home!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Overlake Christian Church Carnival

Sammy and Mitchell invited us to the carnival at their church tonight. It was very fun!

We met up inside, sang some songs, then went outside for the real fun! There were bouncy houses, fish games, and hot dogs!

There were also pools with soapy water and boats. Lon loved the boats, and he did blow some bubbles, but boats rule. Yes, he did get very wet.

Lon saw our favorite type of blow up! A slide. He did this three times, he stood in line and waited his turn all three times. Such a good boy!

Big Slide!

Let's go again!

Then we found a real fire truck, manned by real firemen! They let the kids explore the truck and they patiently answered any and all the questions the kids had.

By this time it was already 8:30, past Lon's bed time and time to go home. On our way home we passed Uncle Vasu and Auntie Harshi's house. We saw them in the back yard, we stopped to drop off a picture to Auntie Prachi and Uncle Rahul --they were playing badminton. It was a nice little visit. Lon went to sleep as soon as I got him in his jammies. He had a very fun day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swim Report Card 2

This completes our first month of swimming.
The back float is hard for Lon. Even with me holding his head, his legs go straight up in the air (wish I could do that!) He is working on floating.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Brand New Scooter

On Tuesday, after swimming we dropped off all the pictures/movies we took at the reception to Auntie Harshu. When we got home, there was a box on our door step. Lon looked at me, and matter of factly told me it was for him and it was from GiGi. Well, he was right!

Lon's form needs a bit of work. He doesn't really understand how to ride it just yet, but he will get it!

He is trying! It is super fun!

Lon informed us that this was HIS toy, and he does not have to share. His GiGi have it to HIM and it was all HIS. Mostly Lon shares all his toys well, this one, he is NOT about to share!

Thank you Gigi! Lon loves you!

Alligator Wrestling & Other Lake Adventures

When we left Uncle Vasu's reception, the weather was hot. We got an invitation to go to Gracie's Omi's house on Lake Sam. So we did. Mark went into the lake. They tried to use the kid's alligators as floats for their adult selves. The pictures will tell you how that turned out!
The alligator won this round.

Miss Gracie did not think too much of the whole event.
Gracie and Lon played on the beach. They also went out in the lake, with parental supervision and life jackets. Lon got to wear his Scooby-Doo lifevest for the first time. He had a great day. We all did!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

American Reception

On Saturday, we went to Uncle Vasu and Auntie Harshitha's home for an American Wedding Reception! It was great fun!

We arrived a little early to help finish setting up

A little snack before getting dressed!

Running around like a crazy man in his best Indian outfit.

Running, this time outside

In their finest Indian dress.

Lon with the beautiful Harshitha.

All together.

Going out to meet the guests!

I changed Lon out of his finest outfit. I have an Indian outfit that is cotton, not the wonderful silk from Uncle Vasu! I changed him into that. He was cooler and he could eat and drink whatever he wanted! He was a happy boy!

Lon was so surprised, so was I, when Baby Chiatanya gave him a set of Lincoln Logs. They could not make it to Lon's party, but they wanted Lon to have a gift. How incredibly sweet is that? Lon wanted to go home right then and play Lincoln Logs. We put the gift in the car and stayed at the party.

Uncle Rahul and Auntie Prachi.

There was dancing!

More dancing!

Lon playing with the balloons.

Lon lost some of the balloons.

Okay, cut the cake already!

A speech by Uncle Vasu, a few words from Auntie Harshitha, and a hug!

Cutting the cake

Feeding each other

Proud Papa Kamel with Baby Chaitanya.

We left a little while later. We had a wonderful time, there was plenty of very good food. Butter chicken, lamb briyani, raita, vegetarian dahl, chicken curry, tandori and paneer. I did not want to eat dinner! I am so happy for Uncle Vasu. He is very happy!