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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Third Birthday Party!!

It was a birthday extravaganza!!
Let's get this party started! Lon woke up, early and wanted his party to start NOW! His new Cars jammies are his favorites now. This makes mommy happy.

Some of the food. We had a fruit tray, with a vanilla marshmallow dip, a veggie tray with ranch, rice krispie treats, apple dip with cinnamon chips (Lon helped make those, it involved sprinkling sugar), sweet and sour meatballs, vegetarian baked beans, potato salad, mini pigs in blankets, and the famous black bean salad. And we had grilled hot dogs and burgers, and veggie burgers on the stove top grill. We do not have much leftover! We did have most of the salmon dip left, I was not happy with it. I had to buy the fish! This is still a new experience.

It was finally HOT! The pool was great fun. We put off painting because the kids were having so much fun in the pool!

We put the grill in the front yard to decrease the accident potential, all the guys had to go out and be around the meat on the fire!

Auntie Michelle, Auntie Prachi and Auntia Harshitha! Harshitha arrived on Thursday afternoon from India to start her life as Uncle Vasu's Bride!

Enjoying the shade!

Time to open presents!! Since Lon was spending more time in the pool than out, we put him in his new swim suit! Also, lots of waterbabies sun screen!!

Presents were lots of fun! Thank you to everyone!

After presents, time to paint! Drew and Lon chose their canvas and go to town!


Lon and Gracie

Explaining to Gracie's Dad what the art is all about.

Taking a break from the heat in the tent

Birthday boy


blue hair

Getting painted

Then to the pool to rinse off

Painting each other


A cupcake break before bath time. Yes, there are pictures of Gracie and Lon in the bubble bath, but I think I will save them to embaress the kids with later.

We all had a great time! Lon was asleep 15 minutes after the last guests left.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sleep is Overrated!

I put the sewing machine away till Monday! However, I did finish up two more projects!

Cars jammies! A different style from the Diego jammies, just three buttons! The buttons are red, yellow and green, yep, stop, slow and go!


Curious George shirt! It features George painting! On this one I used giant primary colored hands for buttons.

Lon likes making goofy faces at the camera!

The dining room table looks so much bigger without the sewing machine, mini ironing board and iron set up on top! Sorry, Mark, it will be back on Monday!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank you, Auntie Linda!

Auntie Linda is going on a cruise so she won't make it to Lon's party, but she wanted to give him a gift. (SO nice!). After swimming Linda came over and gave Lon is gifts!

Linda helps Lon open his package.

Lon loves his Cars doodlepro!

Lon is telling Linda which Cars are which on his brand new swim trunks.

Lon is still wearing his coat, he was still warming up from being in the pool. I wanted to put shoes on him, but he did not want shoes.

Summer Swimming

We were very lucky today, Miss Sarah came with us to swimming! She took pictures of us, so very nice.

Coach Allison and Lon talking about what is on the schedule for today.

Momma in the pool with Lon.

Lon loves the pool!


Lon is having fun, but he is getting really really cold. Today was NOT warm.

Super splasher!

Right after this, Lon wanted out of the pool, he was freezing. This time, I let him. It was super cold in the outdoor pool. Tomorrow should be warmer.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Lon decorated the rest of the cupcakes! We have the plain chocolate, like the big cupcake cake, then an chocolate chip chocolate and a tropical (pineapple, coconut and mandarin orange). Each has a different frosting color top so people can tell them apart.

Lon is so pleased with himself! He loves helping Momma bake.
Tropical cupcakes! He is serious about his sprinkles.

It is fun cooking with Lon!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sneak Peek at the Cake

The nicest thing about this cake is that I was loaned the cake pan! Nice. This cake pan is on my list of fancy cake pans I really need. I was looking in a cake decorating book and you can make this cake into a barn, a big top, a tree... I just wanted something easy! Yes, the sewing machine is still set up, I have a set of jammies I would like to finish up before Friday.
The cupcakes, there will be green and yellow ones. Or two other colors, but all with sprinkles. The other colors will have other flavors of cupcake too! -- oh yea, sleep is SO overrated!

Dairy Queen

To be honest, I really did not think Dairy Queen food was good. The ice cream, yes, very much. Peanut Buster Parfaits are one of my favorites. I do try not to get them, I would like to be able to continue to sit in chairs. Today, Lon was super good in the pool. He did everything Coach Allison asked of him. He paddled, he kicked, he blew bubbles, jumped off the side and dunked his head! Excellent! When we got home, he wanted to take a walk! Which is great, since the weather was so lousy we have not been out! Now, getting back to the Dairy Queen part. In the middle of our walk is the McDonald's and right across the street is a Dairy Queen. Lon wanted ice cream. I told him Dairy Queen had great ice cream. Maybe not as good as Carl's but you don't have to cross the Rappahanock for it. He argued with me, no mommy it won't be good. We can get ice cream at Rite Aid. I told him to be patient and he would see. It would be yummy. This went on for a while. I ordered him a kid's meal (hot dog, fries, drink, and ice cream cone) This was less than chicken nuggets (no toy, but you get ice cream!) Lon is now rethinking the arguing with mommy. We ate outside in front of Safeway, they have tables and chairs.

Lon ate all his ice cream, first. Then his hot dog.

I had a popcorn shrimp basket, there was plenty of shrimp, more than enough! It was good. The fries were not the skinny fries, they were good too!

Funny faced hot dog boy!
Thanks, Mom!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Outfit

I was going to call this blog birthday suit, but that would just be silly.

Lon likes his outfit.

He wanted to wear it all day! However, we can not swim in it. It is now hanging in his closet till Saturday's party.

The flaps on the pants pockets match the happy birthday shirt, which will be changed on Monday night so he can get some more use out of the pants.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Diego Jammies!

I found some lovely soft flannel and made Lon some Diego Jammies. Lon picked the material out himself! He really wanted it!!

Lon liked the buttons, there is one elephant, one giraffe and one zebra button.

I am not going to take them off!

Let me read this book to you Mommy. I love my new jammies, even if they are HUGE. I made them a size 3, forgetting that patterns are not store sizes. His birthday outfit (coming up in a blog soon) is not too big!