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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fashion Show!

I have been busy working on some new clothes for Lon. I have a two more things cut out, but those will have to wait for a while.

The Patriots shirt! He had to have one of those!

Fishing ads, with trout buttons even!

Falling leaves with snoopy and big leaf buttons! Lon likes this one the best of his new shirts.

Rooby-Roo Jammies! I found this great scooby-doo fabric at a garage sale, just enough to make the jammies with paw print buttons.

I am big on getting the right fun buttons. I am still searching for pirate chest buttons, ships, something pirate-y, and lobsters.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ralph's World

Today was a wonderful day! It was our Ralph Concert! My sister found a CD of Ralph's World and had to see what it was like. Well, we all loved it. It is music for kids, but not something that is going to make my head explode after I hear it once.

The show was sponsored by Rice Krispies. They freaked Lon out. He was rather terrified of them. Wanted NOTHING to do with them. When they preformed on stage during Box of Fun, Lon his his head in my shoulder. Poor little guy.

We got there a little early, so we ran around in the grass!

Lon in a pre-concert photo with Ralph.

This is fun, Mom.

cool pic of the bass player

Drum Player Lon! The drummer thought Lon was an okay drummer for a guy who is 3. Lon also touched the strings of the bass and talked to the mandolin player. We did talk a little bit to Ralph, who was out in the lobby signing autographs. It was a fun concert. Lon's very first. For Lon, it was about 2 songs longer than his attention span, but he was really good about it. The last two songs all the kids and some parents got to go up on stage, we did. Lon liked that. Ralph told the kids to smile for the mom and pop-erratzi. hahahahahaa.

After the concert, we met up with Gracie and her family. We went to golf course park. We looked at turtles and picked a few more blackberries. It was good to see Gracie and company again.

After golf course park, we went to goosepoop park. Everyone was swinging!

Pretty girl!

Playing in the sand


Gracie and Lon did not want to walk the boardwalk so I stayed with them. They wanted to swing for a while, which is what we did. They were laughing so hard I thought they were going to fall out! After some park fun, we all came back to the house and had dinner, pulled pork, pickles, and a blackberry pie. The pie was one I had already made up, not one from the berries we picked today! Lon had tons of fun today. I think everyone did.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lon Loves Daddy's Car!

On Sunday we went to the fabric store to look for pirate buttons. Those we did not find. Arg! However, when we were walking around looking at things Lon saw Pt Cruiser fabric in the bargain bin. I did not understand him at first, he said Look Mommy, Car fabric. I told him we had enough Cars fabric for now. He gave me that look, and said, slowly, No, Mommy. Daddy's car fabric. I went back to look, it was Daddy's car on polar fleece! How cool is that! They had 2 yards left and we only needed a yard and a half. Of course we got it all. I am going to get some red polar fleece and make a blanket for Daddy's car!
I love my new jacket!
Yes, he got a haircut yesterday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Alaskan Baby Quilt

My Mom's friend became a Grandmother this August. I thought it would be nice to make her a little Alaska Baby Quilt. I had this pattern I wanted to try out, and I made it in baby bright colors.
Lon is just waking up.
But he really liked the quilt.
Now we are going to start on some new clothes for Lon. We picked out lots of fun material for shirts and a couple of new fleece jackets. Stay tuned to see all those, and more, this week!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

For Brian's New Little Sister!

Brian got a new sister on Thursday morning! That is wonderful! I can not wait to see her! Lon and I made her a little quilt.

The pink and the green are minky and the other two fabrics are flannel, so it is going to be a fun to touch quilt.

Friday, September 19, 2008

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

I am sure this was all well planned, our first day of Pirate Class was on the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. How cool was that? Lon's class was just for the little pirates. Mommy pirates were not allowed.

This morning, we got up early enough that I was able to make Lon a shirt out of pirate material. He will be able to wear it for a while, I made it a size 3, so it is big on him. I could not find Pirate buttons! So he just has silver coins. I will keep looking for pirate buttons!

Even though Mommy pirates were not allowed inside the classroom, I took some pictures anyway! Lon has a pirate name, from the random pirate name generator. It is Brave Scar. Lon has two friends in class, Andrew, from baseball and Jackson! Captain Laura is very nice and we love her!

They had story time and made pirate hats too. It was super fun and Lon says he will come back.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Art Class!

Today was our first art class with Miss Nan. We like Miss Nan. She was very nice. Lon made a turtle today. The class was good, the turtle took up our entire class time.

This is the turtle tummy. Lon put on tissue paper fluff and colored pastas. We put more colored pasta inside the turtle tummy so when he is shaken, he rattles.

The front side of the turtle. We put more eyes on the shell. Lon wanted lots of googlie eyes on the turtle. He was very impressed with googlie eyes.

We hung up Lon's turtle on the class board and when we go to Pirate class tomorrow we will pick him up. Yes, stay tuned for information on pirate class. I have no idea what we are doing at that class, but it sounded like fun.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lon's First Camping Trip!

On Friday afternoon, with a car full of camp gear we picked up Daddy from work and headed to the Wenatchee National Forest, and the Tieton River! Mark was going rafting with BEWET and I was going to play with Lon!

Mt. Rainer on the way to our camp spot.

Setting up our nice big tent! We stayed at Hause Creek Camp. Highway 12, milepost 168.5. Our first camp site was right next to the river. Mark and I both had serious second thoughts on that spot. When Janet, the nice lady in charge of the campsite came by in her golf cart, Mark went with her to inspect sites we could change to. It was a nice site. In the trees. Lon is unpacking his Lightening McQueen sleeping bag he got for his birthday. It came in its own backpack!

After Mommy made a nice breakfast of bacon and pancakes, over an open fire! We went to the drop in site to watch Daddy help set up the rafts and go off on his adventure.

Lon and Daddy discuss the dangers of the river. Lon knew rule #1 was to stay with Mommy and Daddy!

Wow, they got those rafts blown up alot faster than Mommy got the air mattresses blown up! To be fair to Mommy, I was using a foot bellows and the guys used a generator. (I got my stair master work out in on Friday afternoon!)

I was standing watching Lon play with dirt and rocks, and one of the rafters told me I was the coolest Mom cause I let Lon get dirty and play. Lon got really dirty! He had lots of fun!

Playing with Daddy's helmet.

Getting the last tips on before putting in!

Daddy's off! Lon and I needed to fill the car up, find some fun things and pick Daddy up in an hour and a half.

Here they come!

After Daddy helped put the rafts away, we went back to camp to get Daddy out of his wet suit. Then we went into Yakima. We had dinner and Mel's diner. It was okay food, the only good thing about it, was it did not have any dirt. The best thing is Lon is starting to get the whole idea of using the toilet. He asked if he could do to the bathroom. I took him in and he actually used the toilet. WHOOOHOO. I know when he is 15 reading about his childhood he is going to hate this whole passage. However, Mommy and Daddy think it was a big red letter day! After we finished eating our dinner we went to Sarge Hubbard Park. Which is behind the wal*mart. (we got some camping gear we needed, like a little saw for wood, and toy for Lon). The park was fun, with the exception of the very loud music by some unseen band. It was not remotely good, just bass. It became annoying very fast. We did not stay long.

Even though we did not stay long, Lon had fun.

Oh! Someone in the parking lot of wal*mart was giving away free kittens. We did not get one, but we thought about it!

I was getting Lon ready for bed, getting him out of his dirty clothes into less dirty clothes to sleep in (it got COLD at night), but he wanted to stay naked in front of the fire. It was pretty funny. Yes, my darling son, I will show these pictures to your future girlfriends and most definitely your children!

The next morning. Daddy was not feeling well enough to go rafting again and Lon was just cold! Mommy got the fire going (cheating, using match light charcoal and kindling, but it worked and worked fast!)

We got camp broken down and the car loaded in less than an hour. Excellent.

Chocolate in the car!

Chinook Pass, a good place to stretch our legs.

Reading about the highway, and Mt. Rainer National Park.

Mt. Rainer and Tipsoo Lake. It looked like it would be a nice place to hike around, bring a picnic, lunch, let Lon play outside. If we have nice weather I think we will do that this weekend. We had a really good time camping. We are definitely going camping more next summer. We have a list of things that will make our next trip easier. We will work on that list over the winter. The reason we did not stop at Tipsoo Lake on the way home was that we all smelled like goats, and were really really dirty. Our campsite was dirt. Lon had fun digging in the dirt. I am glad I brought his shovels and buckets.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Epic Fun

Lon and I did have Epic Fun at the Puyallup Fair! Monday was Backyardigan day, and all rides in Sillyville were 1 dollar! Sillyville is the little guy ride area. We got in line for the picture with the Backyardigans, in a stuffy, hot tent. When we were finally near the front, they went on break. It was only Tyrone and Pablo. We thought that maybe this was not such a great thing anyway. Time to try out the rides.
Lon loved the rides! (he is my boy!)

That ride was fun, now let's try the Little Dipper Roller Coaster. I really think this will be fun Mom!

I am so ready for this Mom!

I did not get a good picture of Lon on the coaster, and I only got a few of him on the helicopter ride, and he liked the alligator ride.

The spaceship ride was good.

The race cars was okay, the really good thing about it was the tooting horns.

Then, Lon sees the best ride ever! The Dragon !! The only ride he went on twice!

Snack break! Cherry Shave Ice and a Crusty Pup. Yummy. You may notice a change of clothes for Lon. Yes, I took him out of his jeans and put him in shorts and a t-shirt. It was getting warm!

We looked at all the grange displays, all the needlework and quilts. All the booths of things I did not know I could not live without until I got to the Fair.

We looked at all the animals. Lon moo'd at the cows and they looked at him, some moo'd back. We looked at sheep, goats, and pigs. We petted the piglets, two days old. (I had to hold Lon up, so no picture) Lon tried to talk to all of them in their own language. It was very cute.

After the cows, we had an ice cream break. The ladies at LuLu's Dairy Barn did not think that Lon would finish his chocolate vanilla swirl. HA! He most certainly did!

Okay, Mom, enough! Let's go back to the Dragon Coaster!

Yep, he was putting his arms up! He loves roller coasters! He did see the Xtreme Scream bungee ride and wanted to go on that. He is not big enough yet, he was nice enough to let me know that Mommy and Lon could ride it together when he got big. I told him we would, and the big roller coaster too.

We did get our Backyardigan's photo. I had to take it, their camera was busted. It was very red. Since their camera was broken, they did not turn on the light diffusers either. I used a little bit of photo editing, but it is still really red.

Then we went to the petting farm. A few years ago they had a tiny outbreak of Ecoli and the petting farm is not very big and they have hand wash stations and hand sanitizer everywhere.

After the petting zoo, we were tired! We had been there for almost 8 hours! It is a huge place! We had a ticket at the Museum of Flight booth. They were going to do a drawing at 4:30, so we should go see if it was ours. Lon just gave me a silly look. But back we went. They did draw Lon's number! He won a dreamliner 777 model and two tickets to the Museum of Flight. How cool is that? Lon said yea! Now can we go home? He was asleep before we got onto 405 and stayed asleep all night. It was Epic Fun!

Just a little more info: The theme of this year's fair is Epic Fun, that is why I kept using it!