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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Evergreen Spring Fair

We were hoping the weather was going to hold. It had been beautiful all week long, but today, it was not
Of course this was the day of the Evergreen Spring Fair. It was very very small this year.
Daddy acting goofy, Lon not noticing as we have rootbeer floats for lunch.
finally noticing
Lon getting into this rolly thing.  He wants me to go get one at Costco tomorrow.
I have tried to turn this photo 5 times, I will try again later.
This was the second biggest draw for Lon today. Catch and release trout.
Happy with his little fish. We really should do some real fishing with him.
Warmth! It was getting colder and the wind was picking up. The Big Green Egg tent had these firepots going. A couple of them used glass drops. It was very pretty.  I got the card. I really like this idea.
There was a swap meet going on too. We did not find anything super cool. But it was fun to look around.
The Power Jump was very fun.  Lon loves this.
This was the first big thing Lon wanted, rides. However, it was raining, some of the rides were closed, and there were very few of them.  We talked about it and all agreed to give it a pass this time.  We will get him a wrist band for the real fair. Then he can ride everything. all day long.
Starting to do a flip, but did not make it all the way over.  I think he will get it next time.
I hope next year is bigger.

Juanita El Carnival!

Friday night was Carnival Night.  It is always fun and this year the organizers (Sue an Tracy) did a stellar job.
My job this year was to sit at the door, welcome everyone, answer questions, and give out maps.  It was very fun to see everyone.  Sadly, this meant Lon was pretty much on his own.  It was sad for me, but not for him. He had a great time.  I asked him to take some photos. He was so busy having fun, he took very few. I am happy he had fun.
The cake walk is always his favorite.
I made two cherry pies, and they both went.
The most popular kid who is too young for school! We love Oliver
Lon was so excited he had to come back to see me to tell me he won a chocolate class!!  This is why he loves Cake Walk
Photo booth. At then end, Lon was able to take home this set of props.  He had so much fun with this.
Not sure what the ducks were for, but there they are.
It was fun!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tulips in the Rain

Lon was so tired this morning I could not wake him up! The past two weeks finally caught up to him and he was just staying asleep.  This means we skipped school today.  Daddy came home early today, Lon was awake finally, even though it was raining we decided to go see the Tulips. Skagit Valley Tulips are beautiful!
I am going to post the photos of Lon and Mark first, then beauty shots of the tulips.
It was only a light rain when we got up there
Playing under the trees
our boy
Getting bigger every year.  Every year we get a shot of Lon on the frog.
Daddy! I love you!!
He is having fun.
Ice cream. Yes, it was less than 50 degrees and raining.  It was ice cream!!
Have to have a photo in front of the windmill
In the muddy field.  Good thing he wore rain boot and we brought another pair of pants.
My boys
One more time!
Tip toeing in though the fields

now on to just tulip photos

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Disney Day 10: Our Last Day, and Our Last Trip Around the World

Today was our last day at Disney. We leave early in the morning for the airport and home. Still unclear on how that is going to all work out, but I am sure it will.
We got up and packed all our stuff this morning. Somehow it did not look like as much when we had it all over the room.
I asked Lon where he wanted to go for his last day. He wanted Fish and Chips from England for lunch, Pizza for dinner and to ride Mission Space . Also, to take a boat ride in the lagoon at Epcot and do an Agent P mission.
We got there about noon. It was overcast, I kept thinking I should have brought my rain coat, I brought it all the other days and it did not rain. This morning I packed it.
It was muggy. Lon played a bit on the wet mat. But not really long enough to get wet.
I asked him if he wanted to go to the sit down lunch place or quick service. We have a hard time finding a table at the quick service.  Lon was really hungry, so we went to quick service. Lon went to get a table as I waited for the fish to fry. There was some kerfuffle and Lon did not know what to do when some adult came by and said this was HIS table. Even though Lon was there, waiting for me.  We went down to the benches by the water and ate. Lon ate all his fish and half of mine. I was not in the mood for a confrontation with the jerk man. I told Lon I would rather sit by the water anyway.
The fountain in France. Lon likes to cool his hands off when he gets too hot. The weather was muggy and hot.
The mini French Chef. He has the look.
More lizards. Tiny little lizards.  No bunnies today.
This is in Japan. We walked through the stores and saw the kimonos and all the other fun stuff. Bought some very overpriced rice candy, but it was a good treat.   Lon wanted to buy something. We sat down and talked a little. If we want something from Japan or China or Korea, where do we go? Uwjimia (sp), or Hmart.  If we want something German, we can go to Leavenworth. Something from Norway, Poulsbo is not that far!  Lon looked at me and said it is like having our own personal Epcot.  Lon now has a list.
Being the arm waving kitty.
Lon really enjoys watching the Koi pond.
He watched how the fish were moving around the pond, how the water circulated. The Bonsai tree he thought was amazing.
Lon wanted to take a ride around the Lagoon, so we were able to do that today.  Germany to Mexico and back.
On the way back we were able to sit in the stern, outside. Made it much cooler.  It was warm inside the boat. Well, it was warm outside the boat too
Does it look like rain to you?
The clouds were coming in, it was getting windy.
I like the light on this one.
Agent P in Germany.  I had a coffee and a piece of black forest cake.  I had four quick service meals left, I could have just used the 2 snacks I had for the cake and coffee, but I used a meal and got the man behind me his bratwurst.

Exploring the side of the Norway Pavilion. We went on Malstrom twice.  Lon likes the trolls.  He kept talking to one young man named Thor (really). Thor was so very patient with Lon and so nice to him. I made sure we stopped by guest services on the way out and gave him an applause sheet.
Then it started to rain, thunder, lightning, the wind, the rain.  It was great. By the time we made it to Italy we were a bit damp. The pizza place refused to seat us.  Not much I could do about that.   We looked at the quick service in Germany. Lon did not think he would like that, the next country was China, he was not in the mood for Chinese food.  By Norway I was getting hungry.  We went in, they had a kids meal. Yipppee.  Lon got that, with grapes and a cinnamon roll for dessert. I had a fruit plate, a roast beef sandwich, a coke and two lefse ! They were yummy. Lon said he would like me to make those when we get home.
Drumming away at the African Outpost. This is the where they have the Agent P cups, and lunch boxes. Why, of course we got both of those!
The panda topiaries.  They are in front of China. The flower and garden show will give you a list of the topiaries all over the park.   I think I have it somewhere...
Norwegian Food. Well, mine was.   It was yummy. We rode the malstrom one more time !
Then it was off to Mission Space. There are two levels to Mission Space simulator ride. One is green and the lower level, the other is orange - a more intense experience.
First we tried green. It was fun. Lon said he was ready for the Orange Level. So we did that too.
Then we made our way back to the bus and back to the room. We had our last Photo Pass pictures taken. That was the BEST thing I bought at Disney.  I think it has paid for itself. I have to work on the photos starting on tuesday, get them all downloaded to their site, crop, frame, save, then hit the I am done button, and voila, all my photos come to me on a disk in about two weeks.  It will be nice to be in some of the pictures.
Lon says there are a few more things he would like to do, but that is okay, we can come back and do those things.  He is already thinking about next time.  I hope he had a good time.