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Monday, April 08, 2013

Disney Day 4: Princesses, Fast Cars and Typhoon Lagoon

The morning started off at Norway in Epcot. We had a lovely breakfast with Princesses. The food was great!
They read the story book to start the story book breakfast.
Belle was the first princess. Lon was really not awake enough for princesses. He was being good, but not too  excited about it all.
There was a buffet, lox, cream cheese, bagels, fruit, pasteries, etc. Not only did they bring us juice and coffee, they brought us, eggs, potato casserole, sausage and bacon. WOW.  A ton of food, but it was all so yummy!
Lon had grapes, a cinnamon roll, and a crumbcake cupcake.

Karen got us a fast pass for the Test Trax as we were walking in to breakfast, so after breakfast, off we went.  It was still before World Show case opened, so they were out in boats making sure all the flowers were Disney perfect.  They were doing a great job

Cool mist sprays up at this place called Cool Wash. Lon thought it was cool.
Then we went into Tinkerbell's butterfly house. That was interesting and we are going to go back in there and take some pictures for Lon's teacher. (she likes butterflies, a lot)
Loving the whole fast pass thing.  We got right into the ride. First part of the ride is to design your car.  It was all Lon.
Lon and his turbo RED car
He did not do too badly on the test track. They take your design and put it up against the cars designed by other people in your car.  Lon was in first place on one part of his design.
Ice cream break!
It was off to Typhoon Lagoon, after a quick pit stop at our room to get our bathing suits.
The water in the pool was so nice on my knee, I actually walked around in the water without pain. It was wonderful.
Lilo! We saw her there without any lines at all! First time I have seen a character without a line.  She is one of my favorites.
Lon got a boat. an adorable little boat to play with. This was a good buy since it helped him make friends with another little boy named Logan. They were having a blast playing with the boat, hiding the boat so the other boy could find it.  Logan's mom was very nice too. She was pleased her son found a friend in Lon.  (Logan is not pictured in this shot)
Then we decided to go on the lazy river. They have things that spray water and some that DUMP water on you. We got soaked. I bought a case to hold the quarters and pennies for all the smashed penny machines, and it is water tight.  I shook out all the changed and carried my camera in there. It survived nicely.  I have since moved the change back in, to be prepared for tomorrow
Waiting for ice cream. Moving around the engines that sprayed water on people.  Lon thought it was funny.
Playing in the sand. Poor cousin got  beat up by the waves in the wave pool. It was horrible.  Poor kid
We thought dinner at the hotel would be a good thing to try tonight.  They were roasting marshmallows on the beach, so of course we had to stop and roast one or two.
Pizza, of course! I think my little one is made of pizza.  However, this pizza did not measure up to the  pizza in Italy Epcot. He only ate half of it.
There was still a little time left before the movie, so we went to the arcade and played some games. I am still not good at Fruit Ninja. Lon was getting better at the Star Wars game. He was having a ball playing it, I could hear him shouting for joy when his plan worked!
The movie, instead of Toy Story (1) like we thought it was turned out to be a Dinosaur movie. It was not what we expected and not what we wanted to see. So we went back to the room and called it a night.
I was wondering why people a little ways down were pulling out chairs. You can see the 9 pm Epcot fireworks show from our lagoon.  We might have to do that one night.  You can not hear them from our room at all.
Tomorrow, Animal Kingdom.

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