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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Disney Day 7: One Day, Two Parks.

Today we went to the Hollywood Studios. Way more fun than I thought it would be.  We had a blast
Lon is big into the maps. He loves to find out where we are and where we are going. What to do along the way.
We have this picture in front of the other three parks. Typhoon Lagoon did not have a Let the Memories Begin sign, or at least I did not find it
Lon wanted breakfast and wanted it NOW. We found a character breakfast with Jake, Special Agent Oso, June, and Handy Manny. Yes, we know they are the little kid's Disney characters, but it was not that long ago that Lon watched these guys.  We learned things from the Little Einstiens, and Handy Manny too.
We could only remember three out of the four Einstiens. June, Annie, Leo and... Still can't remember. Of course June could not tell us. The characters in costumes like these can not speak.
We found a bunch of characters near the giant Mickey Hat.
Chip and Dale are a favorite!
Lon is having lots of fun getting their autographs and his photo taken with them
Just across the plaza there was a line for Pluto. Someone said Buzz Lightyear was around the corner, but we never found him
We were two people from meeting Pluto, when he had to go find a fire hydrant. Stitch came out in his place.We LOVE  Stitch
Lon said Thank you for the fun wake up call.
Went over to the Great Movie Ride. Very fun, lots of good stuff. They warn you like crazy about the Alien part so no one gets surprised. Guess too many people complained about it
We took a wrong turn and ended up in a character spot. Sorcerer Mickey, Freezo, Mr. Incredible, Wreak It Ralph, and the girl character.
I was waiting in line for Mickey, while Lon played the Inking game. It is harder than it looks.
Yay Mickey. I was able to get in the photo too. The Photo Pass guy was there. LOVE this thing. Was not sure I was going to like it so much, but Photo Pass is the way to go. I am on this vacation. I will have pictures of me and Lon together.
The photo pass man went on a break when we got to Freezo and Mr. Incredible. But there was someone to take pictures of us using my camera.
We only got one shot taken

Then we had to go straight to Star Tours or I would owe Lon five bucks. That is his new thing, if we say we are going to do something and get sidetracked,  we have to fix it soon or owe 5 bucks.
Imperial Walker foot prints really impressed him.
We were going to use the last  instant fast pass we had on this ride. There was no need. There was NO waiting at all. We walked in and walked right up to the ride. It took about two minutes for us to stand in line to board but that was all. By the time we got out of the ride it was a 30 minute wait
What a cool opening video to watch while we waited those few seconds
The young jedi show. Lon wanted to do this, but we would have had to run over right as the park opened. The lady in charge of signing the kids up said it was full about 15 minutes after the park opened.  We watched the show and he cheered the other kids on.
I think I have a picture of me on this right after they opened Star Tours. A long time ago

The last picture from Star Tours.
Pizza Planet. Not all that wonderful, but it was Pizza Planet. They even had a smashed penny machine there. That has been our major souvenir. Lon is working on getting ALL the pennies he can find. We skipped the Tron pennies. He said he did not want them since he has not seen the movie. And no princess ones either.
Ducky Mo-Mo. We love Ducky Mo-Mo!!
This is a giant poster on the wall.  It almost looks real in this photo. The barricades are real.
So is Lon.
Singing in the Rain. Yes, it rains on you. There is water that comes out over the umbrella
Back Lot Tour show and ride.
Lon thought it was pretty cool
Water came rushing at us and over us, but none on us. Amazing
Plastic Army Man. He moves around. Lon liked him
The only other thing we wanted to see at the Studios was the Pirates of the Caribbean show. It was a 45 minute wait. We decided to get our R2-D2 full of popcorn, a frozen slushy drink, then head back, drop off the R2 and go to Epcot to get GOOD pizza.
Before pizza we had to see the butterfly house.
Flat Stanley needed some photos in there.
We got to meet Pluto! Almost no waiting to see Mickey, Pluto and Minnie.  Then I was going to owe Lon 5 dollars if we did not go straight to Italy and get some food!
It was starting to rain, so we bought rain ponchos and it stopped. Lon wanted every one to thank us for helping stop the rain.  It might rain tomorrow so we will save them for that. Plastic rain ponchos were 16 dollars for the two of us.
yummy pizza goodness. We did take what we did not finish back to the room. Cold pizza is not bad.  We did order dessert. Zeppole again. Lon thinks these are the best things!
Our waitress acted like she was impressed when I could speak a little Italian She was very nice. When I asked her for coffee, she asked me, real coffee or that American stuff. Can you guess which one I ordered.

We were there late. It was after 9:30 when we were done eating. The Park closed at 9.  We walked slowly back to our bus, we got on one of the last buses back to our resort. Lon and I were the only people on the bus.  He was telling me all his plans for when he got back to the room.  He took a shower and got into bed, he fell asleep mid sentence. It was a good day.
 can you spot the bunny? Seems there are lots of bunnies, lizards, squirrels and ducks that make their home at Disney World. This is the second bunny we have seen, the first one hopped away too fast to have his photo taken. This one hopped right up to us. We did not feed it any pizza. Lon also spotted some fish in part of the lagoon.
Tomorrow our plan is to go back to Epcot, but by way of the Magic Kingdom, just to get on the monorail. He has to ride it at least once!  We are pretty much done with Magic Kingdom. I like it, just the people who visit seem more stressed out than at other parks.   Then Saturday is the Animal Kingdom, Sunday is downtown Disney, and Monday morning we fly home.  Our time here is coming to an end.  I am so glad we did this.


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