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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Evergreen Spring Fair

We were hoping the weather was going to hold. It had been beautiful all week long, but today, it was not
Of course this was the day of the Evergreen Spring Fair. It was very very small this year.
Daddy acting goofy, Lon not noticing as we have rootbeer floats for lunch.
finally noticing
Lon getting into this rolly thing.  He wants me to go get one at Costco tomorrow.
I have tried to turn this photo 5 times, I will try again later.
This was the second biggest draw for Lon today. Catch and release trout.
Happy with his little fish. We really should do some real fishing with him.
Warmth! It was getting colder and the wind was picking up. The Big Green Egg tent had these firepots going. A couple of them used glass drops. It was very pretty.  I got the card. I really like this idea.
There was a swap meet going on too. We did not find anything super cool. But it was fun to look around.
The Power Jump was very fun.  Lon loves this.
This was the first big thing Lon wanted, rides. However, it was raining, some of the rides were closed, and there were very few of them.  We talked about it and all agreed to give it a pass this time.  We will get him a wrist band for the real fair. Then he can ride everything. all day long.
Starting to do a flip, but did not make it all the way over.  I think he will get it next time.
I hope next year is bigger.

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