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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Disney Day 6: A Long Short Day

Today did not start well. At 5:45 am I heard a child scream, then cry, a door slam and the crying child was outside my window with an adult person screaming at him to be quiet or he would wake his father.  No problems waking me up at all. By the time they were done, crying, hiccuping, and screaming, it was close to the time I was supposed to wake up for the Disney Vacation Club talk.
The wake up call was great!  Stitch called and said Get out of bed! Out of bed! Then the sound of Mickey taking the phone away from Stitch. He apologized for Stitch. Then you heard Stitch getting into something, and Mickey hurriedly said, have a magical day!  It was cute.
The van picked us up to take us to the hotel they use to sell the Vacation Club. We had it all to ourselves
The Disney Vacation Club sounds like it would be interesting, but probably not for us.  However, I did get my breakfast, and 6 anytime fast passes. 3 for each of us. That was worth the 45 minute talk.
The van came back, picked us up. I asked if they could stop by our hotel first to drop off the books of stuff we  had to look over. She was happy to do that then take us to the Magic Kingdom.
The car entrance to the Magic Kingdom!
Our first stop was the train around the Magic Kingdom.  Lon was not sure about the whole thing, he was getting hungry.  Either he forgot to get his snacks or they forgot to feed him this morning.
The windows along Main Street are wonderful
Hot dogs at Casey at the Bat. Just what we needed With the small exception of being rammed by someone's stroller and wearing half my soda.  She was upset about something. Never did say sorry.  I have to do laundry! Today!
No waiting at Pirates!
Lon in another Pirate pose
He loves this ride
On our way to Splash Mountain to see if our fast pass work!
Our fast pass worked!! This time I remembered to get our Photo pass photos loaded to my card.  Last time we went, I did not get them. These turned out better anyway.   Can't wait to see all my photo pass photos.
Frontier Land. SO much fun walking around.
We went on the River boat ride. Lon thought it was okay, but he drove a real paddlewheeler, ya know. This one was okay, water rides are always good. We had a nice breeze, it was getting hot

We went on Peter Pan's flight. It is a cute ride. Soaring over London. Lon had fun with it. It was a nice gentle ride
I liked it too.
We walked through the rest of Fantasy Land, but it is mainly Princesses. Princess stuff is for GIRLS, MOM.  We did not go to Tomorrow land, yet. We might go back and do that later. We will see.
Making a wish in the fountain. He tells me he needs a full quarter, as these are big wishes.   I asked him what was so big and he looked at me, and said, if I tell you it won't come true but it is about your knee.  What a sweet kid I have.
We found Lon his own bag to carry around. It holds his autograph book, his pen, his change, his snack and water. Now Mommy's bag is the right size for her wallet, camera, water and phone.  It worked out well. He can either use the strap for his pins or the lanyard he has them on now.
Another cool window display. Lon thought it was funny about the giant slayers.  Little ducks trying on great big armor. And they drew a mustache on the wanted poster of the giant
Lon could not decide between the parade and ice cream, so we watched the parade from the ice cream line.  There is one of Lon's favorites, Chip!
Aladdin. They keep the windows very clean at Disney
The stork is holding up baby dumbo. Most floats had at least two movie themes, if not three.
We had a good view of the parade
Ice cream! Mint Chip! He did not share!  It was very cute.
It was getting hot for us, we were tired. It was about 5pm at this point. We wanted to go back to the hotel, pick up the things we bought yesterday and had shipped to the hotel. We did that, Lon dropped off his bag. We were going over to Epcot for dinner. We got on the bus. I was falling asleep, so was Lon. We got off the bus, walked a little ways toward the entrance when I pulled Lon over to a bench. I asked him if he wanted to go to dinner in Epcot or back at the hotel. We could get our clothes washed, get dinner. He got very quiet and said, but Mommy, I wasted all this time going over here and I really just want to go back to the room and rest, but we are here so we should go in.  I hugged him and asked him why? We don't have to do anything.  We can go back to our room and rest, get the laundry done. Wear clean clothes the rest of the trip.  I told him it was okay.  You could see he still felt bad, he asked me if I was really sure we could go back and no one would be mad at him for wasting a bus trip. I told him no, the bus tips are included in what we already bought and we could just take buses all day long all around the parks if we wanted. Never go in, just ride the bus around.  He just gave me a funny look.
We went back to our room, gathered up our dirty clothes, got them washed, got dinner. Lon is asleep and I am about ready to join him
Tomorrow is the Hollywood studios. We looked over the guide and think we really only want to do a couple of things then we will go have more pizza in Epcot.  Lon loves the real Italian pizza.

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Stephanie said...

What a great trip....I wish I was one of your kids. I have NEVER been to Disneyland.