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Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Full Day at EPCOT

Today Lon slept in, and I let him. He did not get up till almost 10!  I was up, goofing off, picking up, having coffee. I let him sleep, I wanted to wake him up but I did not. I was good.
Lon wanted to go back to Epcot and see the things we did not see. We missed a couple of things that we wanted to see, and forgot to get pennies fro four countries, so we will be going back later. Lon is getting smashed pennies all over the place and as far as Disney souvenirs go, these are a real bargin!
We saw Goofy! And the line was not too long, so we waited. Lon got his first autograph. Daisy Duck was close by, but that was a girl thing so we did not stand in line for her. Sorry Daisy.
We use the photo pass. There is a photo of the two of us with Goofy.  I am not sure how it exactly works, but I know I have the pictures I just have to go find out where to get them.  (Mark, I will do that before I leave here. The line was just too long today)
Lon really wanted to go on Space Ship Earth. So we did. He thought it was very cool. All the history of the world and how we are forging the future.
Lon wanted to do the Agent P spy game. So we did. We got an assignment in the UK. It took about 25 minutes of listening to the phone, walking around, figuring out the clues and finishing the puzzle. It was free to do, but it took lots of time. The cast members in the UK were very helpful. Neil in the Sportsman's shop was great, he even took the phone back so we would not have to go back to space ship earth to return it
The tea pot garden.  Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland were there, but they were girls. We did not wait.
Fish and Chips. We were in the UK after all! Love the dining plan. It is so nice to have it and not have to worry about paying for lunch. We could get a cookie or chips with our meal, so we got one of each. A pop or a bottle of water. Lon got a soda and I got water. I did not want a soda. There were no tables to be had, since we got take away for lunch. A nice couple from Florida let us share their table.  She wanted to know if I was a teacher, I said no. She said I would be good at it.  (?)
We also listened to the band that was playing on the Canada stage, The Kilted *somethings. Bagpipes, guys in kilts. Good stuff. There were lots of guys in kilts today around the park. I wished them all a Happy Tartan day.  I am cool like that

In the bookstore in UK there were Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too ! The line was super short, and bonus, it was inside an air conditioned building!!
Lon got the autograph book signed and he got hugs and we used the photo pass and both got in the picture!!
Lon bought a lego book with his own money and had it sent back to the room. It will be here tomorrow
on our way to France!
They are remodeling France so some things are not open and those that are, are crowded. The penny machine is being used for an Agent P spy adventure so it as out of use for the general public.
While we were taking a picture of Flat Stanley, a group of teachers came up to us and wanted to take our Flat Stanley's photo. I let them. Lon was chatting with them about Stan.  They thought I was a teacher and his mother.   Second time today.

Part of the Epcot Garden show is an excersize showcase, but they also were giving away applesauce packets. Once you ate the applesauce, you gave the packet back to them. They filled it with dirt.
They had the kids color the package they put the dirt filled applesauce packet in. Once they were done, they put a bean in it. Put the lid back on, put it in a burlap sack and gave it back to us to take home and grow. Lon was thrilled.
Fez. We were in Morroco.  Lon thought the Fez was so cool.
Off to Japan. We agreed that buying almost anything in Japan would be weird since we could get 99% of that at Uwjimeya.
Except the pearls. Lon wanted to pick an oyster and get a pearl.
So he did. He got one for him and one for me.
This nice lady as so up and so thrilled with each and every kid that came up to her to get a pearl. She must have be exhausted at the end of the day. She taught Lon to count to three in Japanese. Ichi, Ni, Sun.  I doubt I will ever forget it now
Two pearls, 7 1/4 each.  They are not always the same size. The person before us got a 6 and a twin set of pearls that were 5 3/4.
So we did all right. We could not agree on a setting, so we did not get that.  We are just bringing home the pearls.
Watching fish in the pond.  I told him about the neighbors behind us, they tried to have Koi, but the racoons thought they were a lovely snack.
The fife and drum corp in America.  They had all the kids come up that wanted to to recite the pledge of allegence to the flag.  I snapped a picture real quick before I joined in.
With the Fife and Drum Corp. Lon was one of the two people they let get photos with them before they went back inside
With Lotsa.  The topiaries are so cool.

Spy man Lon. He was looking over to France
Italy, again! Yipppeee
Fontana di Triton.
I know the pictures could use a bit of a crop, but I will work on that at home. For now, I just want to get them up before I forget!
Pizza di Napoli was no waiting. It was 4:57pm.  So we went in. Dined Al Fresco in the shade. NICE
The ice tea was very good.
Lon was so excited to finally have his pizza, but they did not put on the fresh basil. He asked the waiter where it was. The waiter said most kids do not like it. Lon said, but I do, and could you please add some? The waiter thought he was a great kid from that moment forward. Real mozzeralla cheese, wood fired pizza. SO good.
The good stuff
Our dining plan includes a dessert for both of us. Tonight Lon was able to enjoy his gelato sundae.
I got the Zeppole. I have to make those at home someday. Lovely little riccotta doughnut holes. You dip them yourself in to a deep dark chocolate then into a pile of whipped cream. Lon ate all his gelato and half my zeppole.
The lady who was dining behind us, asked me about Flat Stanley, since I pulled him out and took his photo. We chatted and she said I should be a teacher.  Third time today.
The wood fired ovens.  Lon and I thought they were very cool.

Watching the trains in Germany. Those garden trains fascinate Lon.
We looked around Germany.  I looked at getting a Nutcracker (no Mickey types) but they wanted a lot more money than they do in Leavenworth, so I will get a good one there and not worry about shipping it home.
These are the most silly ears I have seen yet.  No, we did not get any. Lederhosen ears, with a pretzel. I laughed out loud.
China. The tomb of the warriors. A smaller scale version. Lon thought it was wonderful.  He enjoyed that exhibit.  We asked about the pennies, since we did not see a machine. The nice cast member told us that the penny machines for China and Japan are between the UK and France. We will have to look for those!
We looked around in Norway and rode the Malstrom. That was fun. Lon's first water ride with a tiny drop. Lon really wanted to go on more ride, but Epcot is not really known for it's rides.
After Norway we went to Mexico. Lon watched the glass artists. They were wonderful. But getting that home would be a challenge.
We did not make it to Canada. We missed it the first time since we were on an Agent P mission.  We were tired. Time to go home even before the fireworks, but not too much before. Lon found these light up sidewalks. They were in a circle area. benches around the edges.  Lon made a new friend and they chased each other around.  One lady walked through the circle and made a comment to me about there were too many children here. I laughed out loud. It is DISNEY.
After one last ride on Space Ship Earth,  we went back to our hotel, did not see our buddy Bill.
When we got back to the room, I remembered we needed to go down to Port Royal to pick up our cups. We can refill them with juice, soda or water at Port Royal through out our stay.  Lon got the blue lid and I picked out a black lid. The pictures on the cups are the same.
Lon talked to a very nice cast member named Laura and told him all about the pins he was getting. It was fun to trade them. She pulled out a board and asked which one he wanted to trade for. Lon said he would have to come back and trade since he did not bring any of this pins with him. She asked which one was his favorites, maybe she could hold it for him till later. He pointed to a little black kitten. She pulled it off the board and handed it to him. She told him it was a present, since he was such a good kid.  He said Thank you. Several times. He told me that one does not go in his for trade pins.
We walked back to our room, Lon is still awake. I hope he gets some sleep soon.
We both got a little sunburnt today. Tomorrow it is super sunscreen!! and the Magic Kingdom
We will be coming back to Epcot to get the last of the pennies.


Kestrel said...

You two will NEVER forget this trip! I'm loving your blog posts :)

suzy said...

Thank you. We are having a blast. Not going too fast. Lon did ask why we saw so many kids crying. We sat down and talked about expectations. And how some parents want to see everything and have such a short time. Everyone gets hot and tired and cranky. Lon said he likes our way better. Since my knee is messed up we are going slow and have the luxury of time to go slow. It is wonderful

Cheryl Geels said...

When you go back to EPCOT, I think Lon would love the "Journey into Imagination with Figment"'s super sweet, and I've never, ever seen a line there. It sounds like you had an incredible day! Good for you!!