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Friday, April 12, 2013

Disney Day 8: Another Trip Around the Lagoon

We seem to like Epcot best. It is not so crowded, there is a ton to see and do. We like it
So today we went back to Epcot.
Buzz Lightyear and Lon reporting for duty
Waiting in line at Mission Space. We realized we were really hungry. When they announced the ride was having some difficulties and it would be a while before they fixed it, we bailed.
The Flower and Garden Show Building. Lots of cool ideas and things for the garden. They were giving out  azeleas  in one class. Big plants!  I just could not get it home. We looked for the special strawberry ears, they no longer had them, you could pay for them and they would mail it to you when they arrived. Um, no.
You may not be able to see the ducklings Lon spotted. Very cute, very tiny. They do not listen well to their mother. There are 6 of them.
People were trying to feed the ducklings crackers or popcorn or whatever and then they were trying to pick them up. ugh. Both those things are things you should not do.

Yes, there is one yellow duckling, the rest all look like each other.  Yellow duckling has some personality !
We went to look for something to eat, and I thought the Chip and Dale Character dining was lunch too. It was only dinner, but it was a Harvest meal.  Not much on it Lon would eat. SO good thing we checked first.  
We were there so we went on the land ride. It was interesting. Advances in farming, etc.
We did find the three smashed penny machines.
Walked through Canada. They do not seem to have much anymore. The movie, the restaurant, one store. Nothing up top is open.
They did have a band. Off Kilter. They were not too bad.
We got our pennies
Back to the UK for lunch. We had fish and chips. Lon likes it.
I was going to buy a couple candy bars in the UK but the lines were so long, it was not worth it.
We walked down to the world traveler store and found the China/Japan penny machine and got those. A cast member noticed us getting the pennies and gave us a map of ALL the penny machines in Epcot.  Wish we would have had that before, but I did not know such a thing existed.

Lon wanted to do another Agent P mission.  I told him fine, he could if we could do it in France. They said sure.
Lon wanted to do it all by himself and have me sit there and wait for him. I could see him almost all the time, and I told him he could not leave France. for any reason.
A boy on a mission, eating Mom's dessert. He loves doing these things. He also got a special agent P penny. The missions took over the French penny press, so if they do a mission, they keep the Perry penny.  Nifty.
On to wheeling and dealing those pins. He loves pin trading. The cast members make it easy for the little ones to trade up
Loves the garden train in Germany. Really thinks we ought to design one for our backyard
Playing the drums. We were hot and thirsty. It was a muggy day, no rain, just overcast and muggy. Lon was drinking a frozen coke from a Dr. Dufensmirtz beeker cup.   Someone stopped us and asked us where we got it, and we told her in the African Outpost near the penny machine. She then told me about a web site that lists all the penny machines in all the parks, where they are and what they have. Wow. That is good to know. Again, did not think that someone ever made such a list.
We rode on the Malstrom again. Lon likes it. Then he tried on some Viking gear.  He traded a pin with Thor.
Inside the stave church.  I was reading the signs outloud to Lon and giving him some more information if I had it. When we walked out a man who had just left looked at me and said, aren't you a guide?  You have a great voice and you knew so much about this stuff, I thought you were part of the exhibit. Thanks!
Going back toward the Land and The Seas. Can you spot the bunny in this photo. Lon told the bunny he was a bad bunny for eating the flowers
We had been told that Figment closed at 5pm. We kept missing it. When we walked by there was a cast member in front, so we asked her if it was open and she said yes, it was. So in we went. It was a fun ride about imagination.  Lon thought it was wonderful
Mine Mine Mine Mine
It was a fun little gentle ride.  I miss the manatees that I used to visit there, but the ride was good.
Inside Bruce's mouth.
We were still trying to find a place for dinner, but failing. We were at a dead end in the park, Lon was not happy to see someone had opened up a toy and left the box not more than 2 feet from a trash can. A,  Cleaning Crew Cast Member was walking by and Lon gave the box to her to put in her trash bag. We walked with her for a bit, just chatting. She then went to do her job, we went to see if we could find something Lon would like.  We had just given up on eating in the park when the same cast member found us and gave Lon a trading pin for being such a good little guy. How nice was that?  We went back to Port Royale and picked up our stuff we sent over from the Studios. While Lon was playing video games in the arcade, I was making reservations for a Character Lunch at Tuskers (again) in Animal Kingdom and dinner at Chef Mickeys. Both come with Photos I will be able to use my photo pass for  that and they are both covered under the dining plan.  We will have to eat quick service on Sunday, but that works out well. Lon is looking forward to it.

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