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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disney Day 9: Character Dining.

Today I had reservations for TWO character dining experiences. I had 4 sit down meals to use up, we have 6 take aways left and some snacks to use up. Seems I also have 10 entries into the water parks.  But those do not expire, so if I ever come down again I can use them. The dining will expire at midnight on the 14th.
Ewok fresh from the shower
We had not seen Dinosaur Land at Animal Kingdom, so that is what we did today.
Along with Flat Stanley
I just liked this
Hiding in the rocks, waiting to pounce
Be the cat
Beautiful boy
We have reservations at 12:30 We are slowly making our way to the Tusker House.  We are in no hurry I got a hair wrap, with some beads and some soft Indian bells. Love all the colors in it.

Passing the time playing hopscotch
The same characters as before, Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald (although he is outside). They all signed his book again. And hugged him. The food was still wonderful.  I really enjoyed it
Lon telling Mickey a story. But it was a short one
Lon is loving the dessert bar. Buffet probably are not  the best choices for him as they have the desserts our all the time too.
I love Goofy. He is such a great character
Lon participating in the parade around the Tusker House
Playing hopscotch while Donald cheers him on. One little boy wanted to learn, so Lon showed him how to play.
Lon wanted to play a few more games after lunch, so we did
Drums. Lon is liking the drums. I might need to make up a couple for him.
Finally Dinoland!!!!
Dinoland was fun, the first thing we did was ride on the twirling roller coaster. It was a smaller one, designed more for kids, but it worked for me. And Lon.   Then we had some frozen cokes. It was hot and muggy ! We played some carnival games. I won at whack a mole (or dino ). Lon got a lizard stuffed toy.
Then we went on Dinosaur. It was a scary bumpy ride with all sorts of scary things. Lon loved it. It was pretty fun.
This was one of the dinos we saw inside.Just like that
Lon wanted to ride to the Tri tops. He did, by himself. It was getting later in the day and my knee was giving me troubles. Lon did great!
I made reservations at Chef Mickey's Buffet, for 7:30. It was at the contemperary hotel.  The only way I knew how to get there was to go back to our hotel, then get a bus to the Magic Kingdom and get on the monorail. We had the Tusker House picture to drop off in the room anyway..
I wanted to have Lon ride the monorail, at least once. He thought it was fun.
The smashed penny machine near the escalator to the monorail was fun. I did not get Lon all of the smashed quarters.
Yes, he changed his shirt into something a little nicer.
Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy were all at this dinner. We forgot Lon's autograph book. darn it. But we got some fun pictures
Lon telling Donald a joke.
Then we went over to the Magic Kingdom, or as we are calling it now, The Grumpy Kingdom.  The cast members are wonderful, but the general public not so much.  It is just too crowded.
I took Lon on Space Mountain, since he loved Big Thunder Mountain and Everest, this probably was the same, right? Um, no. Lon was so scared when the ride finished he could not talk.  He did not like it, he does not want to do it again until much much later.
I thought the Stitch show would be okay, something funny for Lon. Well, no not really. It was also mainly dark with flashes of light, blasts at mist or air. Sometime smells.  It was not the best choice we ever made.  Lon did not like it at all.  I was not too impressed either
When we walked into the Magic Kingdom, the parade was just starting. At first Lon did not want to see it, but then he did but I could not hear him. We moved on to Space Mountain.
So when I was done terrifying my child for the night we were right on time for the last parade of the day.
In a good spot too.
About half way through the parade a group of people walk up behind us, the father sends this two kids to stand in front of Lon. REALLY??  I was about to say something, if I could figure out how to say it without starting a fight. Before I could even say anything a cast member comes up the the kids and the father and tells him the kids need to move back, this child (my child) had been here the whole time and he should be able to watch the parade from the spot he was already in. I am going to guest relations sometime tomorrow and telling them what a great employee they have in Mr. Keenan.  I appreciated that more than he could know.

I took alot of pictures of the parade, I will not include them all
Love that dragon. Pete's Dragon is a great movie.
The dragon's lights would turn off, just like he was invisible.
It was a fun parade, but we were exhausted.
Time to get back to the room at get some sleep. We need to pack, and see if we are doing anything else other than the pool tomorrow.

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