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Friday, April 19, 2013

Tulips in the Rain

Lon was so tired this morning I could not wake him up! The past two weeks finally caught up to him and he was just staying asleep.  This means we skipped school today.  Daddy came home early today, Lon was awake finally, even though it was raining we decided to go see the Tulips. Skagit Valley Tulips are beautiful!
I am going to post the photos of Lon and Mark first, then beauty shots of the tulips.
It was only a light rain when we got up there
Playing under the trees
our boy
Getting bigger every year.  Every year we get a shot of Lon on the frog.
Daddy! I love you!!
He is having fun.
Ice cream. Yes, it was less than 50 degrees and raining.  It was ice cream!!
Have to have a photo in front of the windmill
In the muddy field.  Good thing he wore rain boot and we brought another pair of pants.
My boys
One more time!
Tip toeing in though the fields

now on to just tulip photos

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