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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Disney Day 3: Magic Kingdom!!

Today was another beautiful day in Central Florida.  We got up and went to the Magic Kingdom to meet up with my sister and her daughter! Yipppppeeeee
Lon is loving this pin trading thing, buying pins, trading them with cast members. He is enjoying it.
Nothing like ice cream for breakfast
We saw Marie from Arisotcats.  She was signed Lon's autograph book
And gave him a hug
By then, Aunt Karen had arrived and it was time for lunch!
Lon did not like the panko chicken nuggets, so he ate cake and Aunt Karen got him a peanut butter sandwich.
We made it down from lunch at the Terrace to Main Street just in time for a parade. How cool is that?
Lon's first ride at the Magic Kingdom was Aladin's Magic Carpet Ride. It was pretty fun.
Well, the kids and Aunt Karen went through the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House while I stayed down on the ground.

We went next to the Jungle Cruise. The line took a very long time and once aboard it was difficult to hear the driver. darn it.

Then off to Pirates of the Caribbean ! Still love that ride.
We introduced Ing to the wonderful world of smashed pennies. Lon loves those things still. He has almost filled a book here. We will get him another one soon
Then on to Splash Mountain! Aunt Karen got us Fast Passes for that. Super fun, love the no line
Tom Sawyer's Island. I still want to know why we never went there as kids. It was so cool. They have a cave and of course, Lon told Ing all about being in the Mark Twain Caves this past summer.  It was a fun place to play and run around, the kids had a blast
Since we had a fast pass for Splash Mountain, we could get a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. So we did.  Lon loved the roller coaster.
On our way to Country Bear Jamboree, we found Briar Rabbit.
Love him, got a smooch from him since we were wearing the same shirt.  

Country Bear Jamboree ! We thought about Grandpa.
Lon enjoyed it
Haunted Mansion. It was as fun as I remember. Lon was okay with it.
It's A Small World. Love the ride. Still.  I am sure now we all have the song in our heads.
If you look, you can see Lon's red shirt on the carousel. I did not get on that one.  I was doubting if I could get up on the horse.
Lon  had a good time
I had never heard for Philharmagic before. It looked like it could be fun. It was a 3-D movie. I had not seen one of those before. It was amazing.
The sun was setting. It was time to see about dinner.
Aunt Karen was able to get our reservations moved up a bit, which was good. Ing and Karen had been on the go since early morning!
We did not have to wait too long.
Be Our Guest is a super popular place!
Lon playing the menu games
Lon's goblet. It also glows red.  Lon did not like the grilled fish, so he ate bread and broccoli.  My steak on the other hand was out of this world.
These goblets are very tall and top heavy, so yes, I ended up wearing the sprite that was in the cup. No harm done, they brought him new sprite in a separate, smaller, cup.

After dinner, we got to see Beast! We did get a photo pass picture of us with him. It was very nice.  We decided that since I was walking slow,  and they were tired, we would let them go on ahead and we would walk back at a much slower pace.  Well, since we passed the teacups and there was no waiting at 9:30 pm on a Sunday night, we went for it! Lon was thinking this might be fun, but how fast could I REALLY get it going?
I slowed down to take the picture. That was the coolest ride EVER.
Then we walked back toward main street
We noticed the Castle changing colors. What could this mean? People were stopping to look. This might be good. I had no clue on what was going to happen
They light up the Castle in different ways. They can make it look so different. It was amazing to watch
Same Castle.
Then we thought it was over and started to move on. But other folks were not moving.
we only made it a little ways down the path
When TinkerBell came zipping over our heads. I think it was a real person in a lit up costume on a zip line from the top of the Castle.  Then the fireworks started!!
This was close to the finale. They were wonderful fireworks. There was a story that Jiminey Cricket told about dreams and wishes.
We could not leave where we were during the show as they blocked the exit from our path. Just as well, we did not want to leave anyway.  It took a while once the fireworks were over to get back to the busses to get back to the hotel, but it was worth it. There were people lining up for the Electric Light Parade, but we decided to get back and get some rest before we started this up again in the morning!!  Lon and I are having so much fun. I am so glad I was able to do this.

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