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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Faculty Follies!

This is our third year at Faculty Follies!  This is where the teachers of each grade get together and do skits for the school. After each skit, they came around the room collecting money. The class that collected the most money can sit out the next year.  They run concessions.   Lon's teacher, and all the 5th grade teachers won last year.  They were selling popcorn, drinks and candy

What we are going to see!

The kindergarten teachers. This was very creative! They did dancing to various songs

The special ed and support staff. These giant heads were very funny.

Do you want to go to recess
Yes this is sung to Do you want to build a snowman

The words!

The third graders did a cute cooking show skit!

The fourth grade teachers! Whip it and Nae Nae.

The last act of the night was the epic Lip Sync battle. The principal versus the Assistant principal.

The assistant principal did a rap song I could not identify

The principal's second song was another rap I did not know, but the kids did! The kids knew both of them

The last song of the night was Hello!  It was very funny.

We had a great time.

Lon's Last Pack Meeting!

I think this is his last pack meeting before crossing over to Boy Scouts.

Getting ready for the flag ceremony
Lon's den was in charge of it

They led the pack in the Oath and the Law

Returning the flag

The boys went out to play while we got introduced to the new committee chair.  He seems like a good guy.

Spanndroids Meet!

On the 16th the Spanndroids went to the district meet!

Getting a new shirt!
While the kids were setting up in the cafeteria, we got to watch the tables being set up in the gym

Entering the gym for their first meet.

The pith helmets with the panda ears were made by me!

Lon traded a bunch of pins!

We were 6th after the first round, however, that was not to last. The robot had some problems that set them back.
Lon got a turn at the table this year!

The ref made some calls, that while accurate, were a little more harsh than the other refs. That is their story and they are sticking to it
This was the last shot of the day.

Once we realized that the Spanndroids would not win any awards, Lon and I were allowed to leave before the closing ceremonies, so I could take him to the cub scout campout.
Mark and Lon had a great time camping.

Lunch at Chop!

Monday the 18th was a day off from school and work ! We thought we would celebrate with lunch at Chop. Charleston House of Pizza. It is in an old diner. Not very big, but Lon loves the greek style pizza
Waiting for Pizza!

Loving the pizza! I get to have  Gyro.  Everyone wins!

Friday, January 08, 2016

Field Trip to the USS Yorktown CV-10

It was not the most beautiful day to go on a field trip but it was a fun time!

You can see it, even in the fog from the Ravenel Bridge

At the Yorktown!
The top of the bridge seems to be missing!

Walking down to the ship.  We walked into the mess area first and left our lunch boxes. That was nice not to have to carry it around for our tour

Wild life

looking into the sewing room

Learning about the estuary that is Charleston Harbor.

We had to learn how to plot the tides

We had another instructor for this part. Building on that skill, we became a Coast Guard Task Force!  Lon's team had to find out how much time it would take for the oil slick to make it from the point of origin to the open Atlantic.

They did their calculations in almost record time! It would take two hours.

Cleaning up before the next group comes in

Back with our first tour guide to learn about the animals that live around the Yorktown

Turtles and flounder, she talked about the algae.  Not sure, but I am hoping she was fighting off a bad cold.

 a critter of the critter room

Up to the flight hanger!

There we had a new leader. He was great. Gave all sorts of fun tidbits, one of the pilots from the Yorktown had an airport named for him. Perhaps you heard of it? It's in Chicago, O'hare.

We went and looked at the model of the Yorktown. For safety reasons, they have covered up the flight deck with steel from it's original teak. The teak is still there underneath though.
We learned that new carriers are only about 100 feet wider and just a little longer but they have 6000 crew on board and the early carriers only had 1500 or so.   There are also helicopters on the new carriers.

Going into the Medal of Honor Museum.

The proper name is not the Congressional Medal of Honor, it is the Medal of Honor.

We learned about the female surgeon in the Civil War who won  the Medal of Honor. Her name was Dr. Mary Walker. And the youngest recipient the 12 year old Civil War Drummer Boy, Willie Johnston.

Looking at enlarged images of the three Medals of Honor. One for the Navy (including Coast Guard), Army and Air Force.

Lunch Time!

Scrappy! He came by and said Hi ! But from a distance

Due to some of the segments taking a little longer than anticipated we had to hurry up and catch the bus!
We got back at just a little before 2.

Lon wants to go back and do some more exploring!

Car Wash Fun!

For Christmas we got some tickets for the Tidal Wave Car wash.  Mark told me they expire on March 6, so we better start using them!
I took Lon after school yesterday.

You just have to scan your ticket!
It looks like it might be fun.

Daddy usually washes the cars. This is new

I am no longer in control of my car.

The patterns of the soaps is pretty cool

Lon thinks this is fun.

  Is there any more ?
darn, it is almost done
 We had a fun, and we will do it again.

Tidal Wave Car wash is a a great car wash. Our car was sparkly and we had fun. What more could anyone ask?