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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spanndroids Meet!

On the 16th the Spanndroids went to the district meet!

Getting a new shirt!
While the kids were setting up in the cafeteria, we got to watch the tables being set up in the gym

Entering the gym for their first meet.

The pith helmets with the panda ears were made by me!

Lon traded a bunch of pins!

We were 6th after the first round, however, that was not to last. The robot had some problems that set them back.
Lon got a turn at the table this year!

The ref made some calls, that while accurate, were a little more harsh than the other refs. That is their story and they are sticking to it
This was the last shot of the day.

Once we realized that the Spanndroids would not win any awards, Lon and I were allowed to leave before the closing ceremonies, so I could take him to the cub scout campout.
Mark and Lon had a great time camping.

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