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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Faculty Follies!

This is our third year at Faculty Follies!  This is where the teachers of each grade get together and do skits for the school. After each skit, they came around the room collecting money. The class that collected the most money can sit out the next year.  They run concessions.   Lon's teacher, and all the 5th grade teachers won last year.  They were selling popcorn, drinks and candy

What we are going to see!

The kindergarten teachers. This was very creative! They did dancing to various songs

The special ed and support staff. These giant heads were very funny.

Do you want to go to recess
Yes this is sung to Do you want to build a snowman

The words!

The third graders did a cute cooking show skit!

The fourth grade teachers! Whip it and Nae Nae.

The last act of the night was the epic Lip Sync battle. The principal versus the Assistant principal.

The assistant principal did a rap song I could not identify

The principal's second song was another rap I did not know, but the kids did! The kids knew both of them

The last song of the night was Hello!  It was very funny.

We had a great time.

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