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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday with Friends

We started our day with a trip to the market!
Lon brought his new buddy with him.
Checking out the soaps.
We did not find a lot at the market, but it was fun
The train store!! So much fun. The man running the store turned the train on just for the boys!
 Then it was time to go home and get some lunch!
Then it was time for a birthday party in the park!
The cake was very cold when we brought it out and it did not melt!
Time to blow out the candles!

Lon pushing the boys on the merry go round ! I loved those when I was a kid ! We have to come back to the this park and play on that some more!
Mark came over and pushed the boys !
It was a fun day.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Picnic Day!

Today we had two picnics!
The first one was the IT picnic !
It was at Palmetto State Park, in Mount Pleasant.
Very nice place.
One of the first things to do was dunk the managers. Lon did not hit the target with the softballs. He did however run up and push the target.  Everyone thought it was funny.
It was a great day to get dunked as it was getting HOT. Very hot. 100+ degree hot.  With high humidity.
There was a bake-off! I did not think it through really well. I should have made a more finger friendly dessert. next year. Not sure yet how won, I hope Mark can find out on Monday.
I made the chocolate cake. It was so hot the frosting was melting.
Just across the field was the observation tour play area.
View from the top. Mark took this photo!
Almost too big for the slide.  Almost
bubbles. All the kids got into the bubbles.
The hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages and beverages were provided. Everything else was pot luck. I brought in baked beans.  With bacon.  They went fast.  It was a full crock pot of baked beans!
We drank lots and lots of water.  I let Lon have a coke since they ran out of water
Our next picnic was after Saturday evening mass.  It was a fund raiser for the high school kids trip to Poland  for World Youth Day in two years.

The cake was not melting in the hall!
It was a very fun day. We had a great time!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Third Thursday

They have this great thing in Summerville. It is called Third Thursday. All sorts of fun stuff downtown.  For one reason or another we have never been .  We really should have made the effort before now. It was fun
Lon wanted to check this out first. We told him it would be later.  As we were leaving he did get a strawberry lemon ice. It was wonderful !
The Stingray's mascot! He must have been roasting ! The heat index for today was 103.
There were some booths handing out tastes and coupons.
There was a cool car display! They had several cars for us to look at
Lon is having fun looking at everything
The train store. Of course we had to go in. The individual Christmas train cars go on sale in October.  I would like to get one for the train.
Lon was hoping Brick by Brick would be open, but not yet.
He has high hopes for this shop
When we stopped for dinner at Alexandra's, Lon pulled out the book he got from the friends of the library.
This was near the day spa! Wow, this is a huge spider!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of Fourth Grade!

Fourth Grade.
Letting that sink in.
Fourth Grade.
Heavy sigh from Mom.
He is going to have a great year. His class is taught by the GATE teachers,  I am very hopeful he will be challenged this year.
Trying to be serious.
He had a good breakfast of french toast, bacon and milk
Shoes, they are required for school.  He has not been wearing shoes, if he could help it,  all summer long.
He is ready to start school!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Saturday was Lon's friend Jack's birthday. He chose to take a few friends to SkyZone. I had never been there, so we carpooled.  So we started out having a great time! I would have never found it on my own.
SkyZone is wall to wall trampolines.  Lon had a great time!

They started out in the jump zone. Each person gets their own square to bounce on
Yes, the picture is blurry, he was bouncing super fast!
Dodge ball. You can bounce up the walls too.
Lon was having a blast. All the kids were having fun and playing hard
Then it was time to go back for pizza, followed by cake and ice cream!

The opening of presents too!

One of the kiddos.
Later on that afternoon, we had a cul de sac party.
Which turned into a whole street party. It was very fun.
I brought a huge tub of banana pudding and it pretty much got all eaten.
Our neighbors.
We had burgers and dogs and all the fixings! It was very fun.
The kiddos went back to Jack's house to play after it got dark. This is what Lon was doing.  Not sure why, but he was having fun.
It was a very fun Saturday.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Folly Beach !

Summer at Folly Beach is a little different than November at Folly Beach. There was much less parking! But we did find a great spot.
Watching Chelsea dig
Now she has better things to do!
They brought me up some starfish to look at and it was very important that I feel them too.
Then they put them back into the ocean.
They had a warning about jelly fish in the water. You could not go into the water at certain areas due to a high concentration of stinging jelly fish. The jelly fish were not staying behind the lines well and Lon got stung. You can see the bumps on his ankle.  Poor kiddo. I did pack some benadryl, and that helped.
walking it off
Lots more people on the beach !
Off to play with boats in shallow water
Moving past the jelly fish zone
Found a new friend and a good place to play
Lon and Daddy went back in the water to play. Sadly, he got stung four more times.  Not a very happy camper.
It was about time to go. On the second thunder clap, the life guards got everyone out of the water. We decided that this was the best time to go home.
seems legit, an ATM machine in a dirt parking lot..
We took the long way home, up the Ashley River Road.  It is so pretty.
It was a good day.