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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Saturday was Lon's friend Jack's birthday. He chose to take a few friends to SkyZone. I had never been there, so we carpooled.  So we started out having a great time! I would have never found it on my own.
SkyZone is wall to wall trampolines.  Lon had a great time!

They started out in the jump zone. Each person gets their own square to bounce on
Yes, the picture is blurry, he was bouncing super fast!
Dodge ball. You can bounce up the walls too.
Lon was having a blast. All the kids were having fun and playing hard
Then it was time to go back for pizza, followed by cake and ice cream!

The opening of presents too!

One of the kiddos.
Later on that afternoon, we had a cul de sac party.
Which turned into a whole street party. It was very fun.
I brought a huge tub of banana pudding and it pretty much got all eaten.
Our neighbors.
We had burgers and dogs and all the fixings! It was very fun.
The kiddos went back to Jack's house to play after it got dark. This is what Lon was doing.  Not sure why, but he was having fun.
It was a very fun Saturday.

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