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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Folly Beach !

Summer at Folly Beach is a little different than November at Folly Beach. There was much less parking! But we did find a great spot.
Watching Chelsea dig
Now she has better things to do!
They brought me up some starfish to look at and it was very important that I feel them too.
Then they put them back into the ocean.
They had a warning about jelly fish in the water. You could not go into the water at certain areas due to a high concentration of stinging jelly fish. The jelly fish were not staying behind the lines well and Lon got stung. You can see the bumps on his ankle.  Poor kiddo. I did pack some benadryl, and that helped.
walking it off
Lots more people on the beach !
Off to play with boats in shallow water
Moving past the jelly fish zone
Found a new friend and a good place to play
Lon and Daddy went back in the water to play. Sadly, he got stung four more times.  Not a very happy camper.
It was about time to go. On the second thunder clap, the life guards got everyone out of the water. We decided that this was the best time to go home.
seems legit, an ATM machine in a dirt parking lot..
We took the long way home, up the Ashley River Road.  It is so pretty.
It was a good day.

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