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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Third Thursday

They have this great thing in Summerville. It is called Third Thursday. All sorts of fun stuff downtown.  For one reason or another we have never been .  We really should have made the effort before now. It was fun
Lon wanted to check this out first. We told him it would be later.  As we were leaving he did get a strawberry lemon ice. It was wonderful !
The Stingray's mascot! He must have been roasting ! The heat index for today was 103.
There were some booths handing out tastes and coupons.
There was a cool car display! They had several cars for us to look at
Lon is having fun looking at everything
The train store. Of course we had to go in. The individual Christmas train cars go on sale in October.  I would like to get one for the train.
Lon was hoping Brick by Brick would be open, but not yet.
He has high hopes for this shop
When we stopped for dinner at Alexandra's, Lon pulled out the book he got from the friends of the library.
This was near the day spa! Wow, this is a huge spider!!

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