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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Leavin on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow Lon gets another first. His first airplane ride. It is either going to be wonderful, or I will not want to come home in two weeks. I will try to blog his adventure in Virginia, the Capital and Connecticut. We are going to drive up for a couple days to see Mark's family in Connecticut. That should be fun. Lon did really well on his car trip to Oregon. Admitedly it was a shorter trip. This will add seven states to Lon's total of states, a grand total of nine. He will have Washington, Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. I still am missing one state and I will have been to all 50. Landing at the airport doesn't count. Of course, the state is Hawaii. Someday.
Time to give the baby a bath and get packing!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pure Joy

Lon loves free flight

This afternoon, Mark tossed Lon lightly in the air. No where near the height my father acheived with me. Honest and I am not just saying that cause my mother reads the blog. The baby laughter filled the house. He was so excited about flying. WOW. It was the coolest thing EVER.

The Mission for Curious George

Lon checks out his breakfast dish.

Today, after the furniture in the living room got rearranged. I called every fabric store on the Eastside in a quest for Curious George fabric. I did not know there was such a thing as Curious George fabric. I saw some on ebay (of course). I would not get it in time if I bought it there. Every where I called, no I am sorry we are out. After 20 minutes on hold. One store said they had some but it was flannel. hmmmm. They were also very busy. It seems dead presidents equals a huge shopping frenzy. Miss Sarah, the neighbor, and Lon and I headed out. We were going to find some, at least enough to make the little guy SOMETHING. We showed up at Crossroads, which is an interesting little mall. The food court is the main thing there, (more on that later) and the giant chess board that always seems busy. We found the correct section, juvenile licensed fabric. NOTHING. Bubkiss. We kept searching. Miss Sarah found some *my little pony* fabric she had to have. (she is 15). I spotted something out of the corner of my eye, in the return trolly. There is was! YES! The last 3 yards of Curious George fabric on the eastside! Amazing. It was wonderful. It has now been washed and ready to go. Tomorrow I will start something. After my major trip to the Post Office.
The gown is done. Buttons, everything, even a new added feature. It needed some back detail, so I gave it some. Nice. The bonnet is done. With embroidery. The slip is done. I am letting it all dry (getting the blue out) and then in the morning it gets boxed and overnighted with beucoup insurance. I feel as though we accomplished something today. Moved furniture, found fabric, finished gown. A good day.
Okay, I read somewhere that when you blog you should try to avoid the cheese sandwhich type blog. As in, today, tuesday, I had a cheese sandwhich, it was good. The more I thought about it, the more that this is going to be a cheese sandwhich blog. Little things in Lon's life.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ing's gown and slip

This is Ing's gown. and the slip too. I am going to go up and work on the bonnet in a mintue. I need to do the buttons, but I always have to do the buttons.
There are some detail pictures of the embroidery. I hope it is okay and everyone likes it, as it is almost too late to change it in any significant way. The slip is a little longer than the dress -- just the lace peeks out from under the dress. Like I said before, it is a *simpler* gown than Lon's but in no way did I skimp of the construction. The bodice is fully lined, (sleeves included), there is piping where the bodice attaches to the gown, (perfectly placed), the lace is of the finest quality. The seams are all frenched. Heirloom quality throughout. The slip the seams are all frenched also. No skimping allowed for my niece!
Gotta go do the buttons and the bonnet. No problem! The bonnet will also have the same embroidery and be fully lined.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Uncle Vasu

Mark met Vasu at work. Vasu is a good friend now.
Vasu is going to get married sometime this year in India and when he has his family, Vasu said he would teach Lon about Indian culture. That would be so cool! Vasu got Lon a new toy, it has balls that bounce around and really loud music to accompany the bouncy-ness. Lon loves it. It moves and has bright colors, the best thing ever!
Lon likes to spend time with Uncle Vasu. It makes the dog very jealous. Vasu is HIS friend and should ONLY be his friend. Tonight Bullwinkle kept getting between Vasu and Lon. Poor pup. It was nice to see Uncle Vasu, he came over for dinner tonight.
Honest, I am getting back to the gown!

My Funny Valentine

Mark took me out to lunch for Valentine's Day. Lon got me a box of chocolates and Mark gave me flowers. It was a very nice Thai lunch. Lon enjoyed the place too. Even though all he got was a glass of water! He loves to drink out of a cup. The sippy cup thing he thinks is silly. A regular cup is good, but someone else has to help. Yes, I made his little overalls. Snoopy is always a good bet for any holiday.
Ing's gown is just about done. I have to put the hem in and do the buttons. Buttons are always last. It is a elegant gown, simple lines, with heirloom sewing. There is embroidery, pipping and made of dupioni. I will get a photo up soon. I will get it overnight mailed to Ing on tuesday. I had all sorts of nightmares about the gown being lost in the luggage and trying to take it as carry-on with the baby and diaper bag would be difficult at best. SO since Monday is a holiday, tuesday it is going to be overnighted and insured.
Time to get the lace on the hem!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

D.P. Gumby

Mark was thinking Lon looked like the strange man from Monty Python-- oh that narrows it down to a certain character doesn't it! I think the picture sort of tells you who it is. I have no idea what the character name is. Mark put the washcloth on Lon's head and he was NOT amused as you can see. (I changed the name of the post when Mark sent me the name of the character)
Back to work... slaving away on Little Miss Ingrid's gown! ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I know, I know

I know, I need to update Lon's blog. I am working hard to make Little Miss Ingrid's Baptism Gown! I need to have it finished by the 23rd, when we leave for her Baptism. Which is happening in Virginia. On the 25th of February. I will try and update this very soon, with photos!
Lon does feel that *we wuz robbed* at the Super Bowl. He thinks the refs showed their anti-west coast bias. He was NOT amused. Although he really enjoyed the company we had over.
Gotta get back to work!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Photo Shoots

Lon loves to have his picture taken. However, changing outfits is NOT among his favorite things. I put him in his new Seahawk outfit, took some photos, then changed him into a every day romper. I wanted the Seahawk outfit to look good for Sunday. Yes, he is going to wear this to church in the morning. My neighbor, Sarah, suggested he wear it. She said it couldn't hurt and it is super cute! I will not wear my shirt, I will save that for the game. Honest, Mom, I promise.

We are going to make him a valentine outfit from the same pattern. I have to get his quilt square made up first! I am taking some scraps from every outfit I make for the little guy and making an airplane quilt block. I have a permenant fabric marker, I will use that to write on the bottom of the block when I made the outfit, what he wore it for. The Seahawk airplane will be marked Super Bowl 40, 2006. I am not sure it is going to be for him or for me... I will have to see! I have started one for Matt, my nephew, from the clothes I made him. However, I slowed down on that. Maybe I will make it for my sister and use the material from both kids!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Silly Groundhog!

The groundhog saw his shadow. Six more weeks of rain. I feel as though we should be building an ark and counting the animals two by two. I am not sure my lawn can absorb any more water, there are puddles on the grass. Rain rain rain. There were some sun breaks on Lon's Baptism day, but pretty much it has rained since December. Maybe November. Maybe it just seems like forever.
I finished up Lon's seahawks outfit. They had no little man outfits anywhere in town. Youth small would still be HUGE on Lon. I searched all the fabric stores on the eastside and FINALLY found some seahawks fabric! They did not have much left, good thing it does not take a lot to make him something! The girl at the counter told me they had already sold 4 bolts of seahawks fabric. The other stores had sold even more. Now Lon has a little romper, a white onesie to go underneath. He will be styling. I will put a pictures up tomorrow.