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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stay Tuned, Update Soon!

Well, we got flu shots as a family and now we are all sick! Lon is feeling so puny, he is not even playing with his new toys! I have some pictures from Christmas and will update as soon as I can.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Train in Redmond Towne Center

Today we met up with some friends to take the little Christmas Train at Redmond Towne Center! Lon was SO very excited about the train!
Here it comes!!! Here it is!!!
Our friends. Jackson wanted to ride the blue car, Lon wanted to ride the yellow car. So we did that and took pictures of each other. I liked the yellow car, it was encased in plastic so it was warmer. Mommy forgot to put socks on and my toes was froze!
My goofy boy, having fun riding the train.

Posing in front of the train. After the ride, we went and got mommy a pair of socks at Lucy. Never been in that store before. I think I like it. They have some nice workout gear!! After that we met up with our friends again at Ruby's Diner for lunch. Another place we had never been. It was yummy, but oh so very filling! They had pineapple milkshakes! Yummy yummy. It was a wonderful afternoon. We had a great time! We stopped in at Borders and found the picture book Shrek the Halls for a wonderfully low price. (2.99) Shrek is a favorite. We read that tonight before bed.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jumpin' on a Sunday!

This morning Auntie Theresa called to tell us that Jump Planet! was having a special jump today from 1:30 to 2:45! We decided that would be a GREAT idea! At least a better idea than watching the Seahawks lose again. Which they did. My camera battery died after 5 pictures so I am posting them all. Ty, Monique and Lon all had a grand time. I did too. I jumped with Lon, it was fun. I was also almost adopted by a little boy who wanted to keep jumping with me and Lon. He was a sweetie.

Having a grand time!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gingerbread Train

Today, Brian came over, he brought his Mom and little sister, Kayla too! The boys and the Moms built a gingerbread train! We have a house to build that we might get to later.
Breaking the pieces apart
Gluing the car with green frosting. After gluing the train and car together, we took a break, had some soup while letting the train set up.

We opened presents before lunch, since we could not wait any longer! Lon got the bestest present a learning globe which he loves!
Kayla just opened her new coat. She also got a little stuffed animal, cause clothes can be boring when you are just one.
Our yule log cake. The cake was yummy. It was really hard to roll this recipe.
Playing with the new globe.
Our finished product. The boys did all the candy decorating, they would hand me a candy, I would put the glue on it, they would stick it to the train. Or I would put glue snow on and they stuck candies to that. The boys had fun. Lon is now looking forward to smashing it with his hammer toys when Brian gets back from his Christmas trip.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Festival of Poinsettias at Molkbaks

Today we went to the Poinsettia Festival at Molbak's garden center. It was nice to see the Poinsettia tree and the huge amount of flowers. Lon had fun running through the store.
He liked posing in front of the tree.
The Christmas Lon as born was the best festival.

Elf shopping!
Running, it is what he does!

Cookie Extravaganza!

Our annual cookie extravaganza is now complete! We made lots of cookies, Gingerbread boys and girls, frosted gingerbread stars, cranberry pistachio cookies, peppermint teacakes, russian teacakes, fruit biscotti, gingerbread pinwheels, brazilian coffee & creams, rugalach, peppermint chocolate bonbons, coconut haystacks, cherry mini fudge cakes, date moons, stars of India (made in bell shape). We also made pannettone, poppy seed and nut roll, peanut brittle, divinity and torrone. I think I got it all! Lon was a big help this year. He can sprinkle like crazy!
White chocolate coconut truffles
Polish Nut rolls.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mailing Christmas

December 15. We got all our out of town gifts wrapped and boxed. Ready to go. The amount we mailed was slightly bigger this year, so Lon could not ride in the cart. But he still wore his Santa hat. He was very very good at the post office. It only took about 20 minutes in line.
Being good.

Gee, I wonder if Grandma can figure out what is in there?

132 Square Park

December 13. It was warmer, but still cold! We took Lon to a new park. Daddy and Lon had been there before, this was the first time I went with them. It is a fun park! The spinner was super fun! Lon spun for a bit, then he spun Daddy, then he spun me! It was really fun. Made me dizzy though

Teaching the kids log rolling at an early age

Lon was having fun. He ran around in the grass and found a little mirror. He told me that it was a gnome mirror so we could not take it home. The gnomes really need it, so he put it back in a tree.

Santa Pictures!

December 1, I know, this one is out of order.
The mall decorated for Christmas!
Waiting in line to see the big guy!
waiting waiting waiting. It only took 8 minutes but it seemed like forever! He wanted to ride in the stroller, which was fine with me, somewhere to carry the packages !
The final picture. Nice. He is holding a Rudolph toy he brought with him. I told him most people would not see Rudolph in the picture. He looked at me, and then informed me: Yes Mommy you are right, most people will think it is Donder.


December 10 through the 12th
On December 10, we got the tree. I thought that it might snow since it was so so cold, but since we got the tree a day early, there was no snow.
On Friday the 11th, Lon and I hung the lights. I found out then that I was allergic to spruce trees. It is a very pretty tree, I just have to wear gloves and long sleeves when I play with it
Daddy and Uncle Rahul going over plans for something (December 12)
Uncle Rahul had never decorated a Christmas Tree before, he seemed to have lots of fun with it. Auntie Prachi is still in India. It was very nice to spend the afternoon with Uncle Rahul. He does a great job hanging ornaments
Lon wanted to play with some of them, the little zeppelin that came from Godfather was really fun to play with
I have no idea what he is looking at, but I love the look on his face!
It is coming along
Our Christmas Tree!

Daddy and Lon stringing up the ornaments that have to go on the old school lights. The new LED lights that we have on our tree do not provide enough power to run the ornaments. They are now sitting on the window ledge. Lon loves to look at them move. So do I.

Pirate Class

December 11
We made this little quilt for our favorite Pirate Captain. We have been in Pirate Class for over a year now. Lon still loves it.
The pirate ships. So much fun!
Pirate Treasure!
Wearing the gold!
Treats for good buccaneers, I made the little brownie boys
We toasted the captain, the crew and our mothers with Juice Pouches. We love Pirate class!