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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Picnic Day!

Today we had two picnics!
The first one was the IT picnic !
It was at Palmetto State Park, in Mount Pleasant.
Very nice place.
One of the first things to do was dunk the managers. Lon did not hit the target with the softballs. He did however run up and push the target.  Everyone thought it was funny.
It was a great day to get dunked as it was getting HOT. Very hot. 100+ degree hot.  With high humidity.
There was a bake-off! I did not think it through really well. I should have made a more finger friendly dessert. next year. Not sure yet how won, I hope Mark can find out on Monday.
I made the chocolate cake. It was so hot the frosting was melting.
Just across the field was the observation tour play area.
View from the top. Mark took this photo!
Almost too big for the slide.  Almost
bubbles. All the kids got into the bubbles.
The hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages and beverages were provided. Everything else was pot luck. I brought in baked beans.  With bacon.  They went fast.  It was a full crock pot of baked beans!
We drank lots and lots of water.  I let Lon have a coke since they ran out of water
Our next picnic was after Saturday evening mass.  It was a fund raiser for the high school kids trip to Poland  for World Youth Day in two years.

The cake was not melting in the hall!
It was a very fun day. We had a great time!

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