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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ghost Walk and Harvest Moon Festival

Tonight was the Ghost Walk and Harvest Moon Festival in downtown Summerville.  I am not sure how we missed it last year!
Jack was able to come with us!
The first thing we did was the Ghost Walk. We did the G rated version, since Mom scares easily.
Train stories were told!
A great story teller.  The boys were paying close attention!
Another stop, another story!
These kids were great, they told three stories. They were adorable
The last stop was fairy stories.  She was great, we saw her on out way home. The crown and the wing had lights in therm

Waiting for the hay ride!
On the hayride! It was fun.
Hay! With Prizes buried in it!
So much Fun!
Jack's prize.
We got some pizza and the boys started dancing in the street.
Jack can really dance!

We then went and played a lot of the games, met up with some friends and did some more dancing
We even saw Lon's lego robotics teacher! It was nice to chat with him for  a bit.
We had a great evening!

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