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Thursday, October 16, 2014

October's Third Thursday

Today was the third Thursday of the month.  We picked up Lon from Spanndroids and off we went to Downtown Summerville. First stop was Off the Wall framing, we dropped off the last two prints to be framed.  Then I have all my art in frames!

Let's see what this is...
I think Lon had another idea.
It's Ashley Ridge High School's ROBOT!
It is the high school lego robotics team!
It throws frisbees
Lon is getting lessons on how to drive the robot!
Lon is driving!  He drove it for a while until he almost ran into someone. Granted, she did not even try to get out of the way, but still he had is driving privileges revoked
We were all getting hungry. We went to a pub called Montreux.   We sat outside in the back.  It was a nice evening.
They had all sorts of games back there.
Lon tried golf.
They tried ping pong! Only a couple serves
Out door sized Jenga! The boys had a lot of fun with that!
They also had a corn hole game. Then our dinner came, it was good.
After we ate it was time to do more exploring of Third Thursday!

Inside the tower is a snow man blow mold. never noticed that before!

We went in to look at some South Carolina art.  They had cake! Lon got a little slice.
We walked around and looked at everything.
We even got a dentist appointment scheduled!
We are liking the third thursdays!

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