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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sweet Tea Festival 2015

The rain held off. Even if it had not, the Sweet Tea Festival would have gone on.

The line moved quickly for the sweet tea cups. They were pre filled with sweet tea from Publix

Lon is having fun

I am still trying to figure out what this was, but it is some kind of mascot for Publix.

Pizza snack for Lon. He was not drinking my sweet tea, he tried it and said wow Mom is that ever sweet.
He stuck with his water

My sweet tea mug. Last year they had glass ones, but no lid and no straw.

Mark finished his sweet tea and got some green tea from the Nexton booth.

We met up with the Yis!


Counting the train cars. There were 111

The kids all had pizza, the adults went to Pick Thai for dinner.  We all ate way too much. It was very yummy. I thought I would have leftover for lunch. Nope.

The kids kept themselves amused.

Waiting for the adults outside the Low Country Olive Oil store. Love that place.

Met up with some more friends downtown!

Sunset over Short Central.
We had a great time tonight.
We love Third Thursday!

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