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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kayla's Birthday Party

We had Kayla's birthday party at our house ! It was a lot of fun.

 Mark got out the chopsticks, since we had sushi, fried rice and egg rolls to eat! Chelsea really wanted to learn how to use them. She is doing a pretty good job with that potato chip ! She impaled her strawberries.

The Pink Creeper Cake!

Spoon and Egg game. These were plastic eggs with a little weight inside them to make them a bit more wobbly.

They are having fun

Cake time!

Then everyone went outside for some water balloon fun!

Back inside, Scout was being such a good cat.  He let the little girls pet him and pick him up.   He did not complain, not even when one of the girls found a cat brush and brushed him!

It was a fun party.

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