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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Summerville Christmas Parade

December 10 was the annual Summerville Christmas Parade.  We found a fairly decent spot, even if we were a little late getting there

Yay! It is starting!

Summerville High School Band

The theme was an International Christmas.

I am pretty sure that is why there was this elephant

Cool cars, there were lots of them!

Fun floats

Our old cub scout pack

Petting a dog makes any day better

Loved the leggings on this horse

Lon enjoyed getting candy that most of the entrants tossed at the kids. He liked the getting better than the eating. Since we did not have a bag to keep it in, when Lon's hand got full, he ran it back to us and we gave it to the kids behind us.

Santa!! Yay!

The parade was an hour and half long.   Lots of fun things to see.

We walked back to our car parked in front of Alex's diner.  We had dinner there, and when we were done, the traffic had thinned out.

It was a good day!

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