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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Saturday, I made Lon wait to get going. Our first stop was Minnie's Beach Bash Breakfast. Our reservations were not till 10am. Perfect.
To get there, we could have drove, but then we would have had to drive back to the hotel. We decided to take a bus to a park, then take a bus to the Beach Club.

We took the first bus that we found at the bus stop, it was to Animal Kingdom.  There were not many people on the bus. As we got off I chatted with the driver, telling him our morning plans. He said, oh, I can drop you off at the Beach Club if you want, or you can take the boat.  Wait, there is a boat? 

Of course we will take the boat! 

Pin trading at the Yacht Club. The resort right next door the the Beach Club

Pretty wreath

The carosel gingerbread at the Beach Club.

I like the ingredients list next the gingerbread!

The Pluto Horse

While we were waiting for our table.  The trees are so pretty 

Donald! We love him!!

Had to put in a second one!


Our breakfast was wonderful, great food, and a wonderful  waiter named Ellias.
After our filling breakfast we were off to EPCOT! By BOAT! 

We were let off between France and England. We walked around and looked at some of the great Christmas Decorations. Sipped some tea at the English tea shop.  

Lon decided he was hungry, we had only had breakfast a little over an hour before!  I got him fish and chips. He ate it all, I guess he was hungry


Pokemon in Japan!

The Tree at the United States Pavillion

New friends Chip and Dale, riding in style

Seeing what he could see

Trains in Germany

Lucky Dragon in China. We watched the show, it was very fun. 

Vikings in Norway. 

Our reservations for dinner were at La Hacienda.   This was to get reserved seating for the Candle Light Processional.  I did not ask enough quesitons or get clear enough answers. I was not aware that dinner would be 4 times what I had budgeted for.  That was a little off putting, but we could cover it. It would not be a total disaster.  
I asked how soon we should be in line for the show, the waiter told me about 20 minutes.  Okay, we can do that
The show did not start till 8:15, our dinner was at 4, so we had time to walk around again. 

I saw people lining up for the show,  I asked a cast member what show are they lining up for? He said the 6:45. It was not even 5 pm at that point. I asked where the reserved seating people went, he said this line. He explained it was oversold and no one was assured a seat, even though we paid for reserved seating.  Wait, what? 
We got in line at 6:50, it was already super long for our 8:15 show.   It was just standing in line. I was having lots of trouble just standing in line. I was getting leg cramps and then my lower leg was falling asleep.  I apologized to Lon, and we had to get out of line.  As we walked by the ampitheater, we noticed we could have just stood there and watched the show.   This was not making me happy.   I could have moved around a bit and still watched the show!   It was beautiful.  I thought I asked enough questions, but I did not.  

The tree at the entrance to World Show Case.  So pretty 

I talked to Lon. He was getting chilly,  we left our new hoodies in the room. After the dinner fiasco, we did not really have the money to buy another hoodie, and did we really need another hoodie?  Lon just wanted to go back to the room. We made our way out of EPCOT.  

We stopped at a shop to see if we could get a bag of little toys for someone, but they did not have the toys we were looking for.  Lon wanted to get a Pluto dog tag, so we did.  I had it engrave his name on it. 

One more picture with Stitch. 

EPCOT used to be my favorite park.  I am not so sure I even like it at this point.   We won't be going back next year. Two times in a row it has not met my expectations. 

We came up with one good thing, leaving early, the bus was not full back to the hotel.  It was nice to get into bed a little earlier. 

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