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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Resort Hopping

We got up at a decent time. Our last day. We decided that since the gingerbread creations we saw were so amzing, we should check out the big three hotels and see what they have!  We took a bus over to the Magic Kingdom, both of us commenting on how much fun we had there and maybe we should skip the Studios and go back to the Magic Kingdom.  But our dinner reservations were held with the credit card and it would be charged if we did not show up.  It was also too late to cancel them.    We did nto go into the Magic Kingdom, we got on the Monorail

Lon wanted to do a complete loop without getting off for the first ride.  We did that, our first stop after that was the Contemporary.

They were doing a Frozen theme!

SO cute, but it was Frozen and Lon is not a big fan. He went to the gift shop.

He did look for the two hidden Mickeys,  Can you see one?

There are 18 hidden Olafs!

What it took to put that together.

The Contemperary's tree is outside

On to the Polynesian

They did not have a gingerbread creation !

The view from the courtyard.

The tree

When you get off the Monorail at the Grand Floridian, you are on the second floor. These are the trees up there

The giant lobby tree.
The Grand Floridian has changed so much on the last 25 or so years.  The lobby is more open, and taller,  the layout is completely changed.   There is no more pointsettia tree. I miss that.

The making of the giant gingerbread house.

The smell of gingerbread was amazing! You could smell it once you entered the lobby!

The house is huge!

There are people in there, full size real people!

It is so pretty!

What it took

They were selling premade gingerbread houses that looked like the lobby house and tiles, the same size as the ones on the lobby house.

There were so many people in the lobby, I needed to get away for a minute, so we ducked into the little shop just off the lobby.  They were selling the same houses and tiles, and there was no line!
Lon got his tile.  He was happy. The only thing he did not like about it after he started eating it was that it had a layer of chocolate on the back.  goofy kid.

From the bus leaving the Grand Floridian for Hollywood Studios!

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