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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Well, at least that is what we are going to call her so far

How could you say no to that face?

Someone posted in our neighborhood facebook page that they found this baby and she needs a new home.
We said yes.
They told us that they were at a storage unit and she just walked right up to them. Someone dropped the kitten off to fend for herself. They did not want to leave her there, so they took her home to find a real home for her.  I wonder about the people who left her.
She is very clean, no fleas, only hungry, but she is a kitten so she is always hungry

She LOVES Scout's toy. Scout is not so sure she should love his toy.

Scout trying to tell her she is not the boss, as she thinks she is

Lon is having a great time with the kitten.
If it was up to Lon her feet would never touch the floor.

Ranger still is in hiding. He has not let us know what he thinks yet

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