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Friday, April 03, 2015

A Gift from Uncle Jeffy!

Uncle Jeffy arrived yesterday! It is really fun having him here.
Tonight he gave Lon a present!!
Slot cars!

Lon put the track together  really fast!

Putting on the guard rails

Scout still thinks he is little enough to fit in this little box

Ranger LOVES the cars zooming around the track.  He did not pounce on them, but he was prepared!

Uncle Jeffy and Lon played. There was not a clear cut winner as far as I could tell.  Lon is loving his new toy!

Uncle Jeffy was going to give Lon the extra track tomorrow, but Lon built the track so quick he gave it to him today!

Scout wanted to get in on the slot car fun too!

Thank you, Uncle Jeffy! What a great gift!

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