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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Today was a wonderful day!
The Easter Bunny came!!

Scout peering into Uncle Jeffy's Easter Basket.
The cat's did get their own basket with a laser mouse, some pounce treats and a friction mouse.  They have enjoyed them all

Getting down to business!

Double Cellophane! Really?
So much cool stuff! Lots of toys, three new lego packs, pirate toys and the Penguins of Madagascar movie!

Daddy checking out his Easter basket. He mainly got jerky and pistachios.

Scout wants to be an Easter basket treat!

The main table!
There was a nut free table too!
Hot food central! We had a ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus!
There was haroseth, Italian egg bread, Pashka, Kulich, Placek, Babka, chocolate dipped strawberries, ambrosia, rice kripie treats, sugar cookies, smoked salmon, carrots and ranch, candy egg, a butter lamb, orange honey butter, deviled eggs and bunny cake!  Our neighbor Judy brought some wonderful spring rolls!

Getting to the REAL reason the kids were here!
The littler ones got a head start! They were all about gathering as many eggs as they could!
We had them candy filled

While they were outside we filled a golden egg for each child and hid them around the house.
They had so much fun finding all the eggs
The feast was winding down. We all had lots of fun and lots of food!

We hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

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