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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Holy Saturday!

Today was a long and busy day! Almost everything is prepared for Sunday!  So we went to the opening of the Saturday Market!
The new owl is installed. There is a group that is putting metal birds up all over town. They are birds local to the area.

The market! So happy it is up and running again this year!

Bunnies!  So cute and soft!

Chicks too!  It is the season!

Doughnuts!! Lon loves the machine that you can watch make the tiny doughnuts!

Puppies! They had quite a few puppies from the ASPCA.  Lon liked this one, a chow german shepard mix.  He was going to be HUGE.  We are not getting a puppy at this time.
Our next stop was to get some replacement track for Lon's train.  We are thinking about getting another type of track. One we do not have to put on a board. A little easier to use.

Bunny picture

When we got back home, and after lunch, we played the game of life. We almost got it all finished!  We had to take a break and go hide eggs!

Our house all decorated for Easter!

I took this on our way to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt!

The supervisor of the egg hiding.

One of our neighbors!

The kids coming to find the eggs! Lon and Jack helped a little till I sent them back to Jack's house so they could have fun finding the eggs too!
We did the egg hunt a little differently. We hid empty eggs, and when the kids turned in the eggs, they got a bunch of prizes. Each kid got the same number of prizes.  It was very fun. The kids found the eggs much faster than we hid them!

Lon and Jack gathering eggs!

One of the bunny whistles!
Some of the boys at our house finishing the game of Life we started!

We went to Easter Vigil Mass. It started at 8:30pm.  This is Lon's friend who was having his First Holy Communion ! He was so excited!

After East Vigil Mass there was a small celebration for all the new Catholics,and all the others who received Sacraments!  We had a piece of cake, wished everyone well and were on our way home by 11:30.
Lon did well staying up so late.
Looking forward to Easter tomorrow morning!!

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