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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Two for Tuesday, part 2. Mystic Seaport

Lon and I have been to Mystic Seaport quite a bit. This year, we had a reason to go. The Norwegian replica Viking ship the Draken Harald Harfagre.  It is going to be in Mystic for repairs and fund raising  till late spring.
The map

It is such a pretty place.  The ship in the photo is the Charles W. Morgan.

The Draken. Tours were from 1 to 4:30.  We had some time to look around before the tours started.

The Dragon

We went into the Figure Head Museum.  We love this cat!
Information on how the cat was used on ships.

Next to the Figure Head museum is a more conventional art museum. Lon and I enjoyed some of the wood cuts.

Lon and I were in there alone, we could take our time and read about all the Figure Heads while enjoying the air conditioning.

something fun to read

In the Discovery Barn,  Lon was having fun. It was not crowded and Lon got to play with everything.

We went into the pharmacy and chatted with the interpreter  He was showing Lon how to make pills. The equipment he was using was over 100 years old. It was very interesting!

It was almost 1, time to get tickets to see the Draken

We were able to get in on the first tour! This is where we learned what Draken Harald Harfagre means  Harold, the fair haired dragon.
As we were walking forward, the tour guide stopped. Lon looked down and saw a bunch of rocks. He asked what are the rocks for? THEN Lon said, I forgot, ballast. proceeding to say what ballast is used for and why.  When the tour guide resumed his talk, he told everyone what Lon said. The guide said Lon was absolutely right and he could probably take over the tour.

The details on the Draken are incredible.
As we left the ship, the captain told Lon he had a fine future in ships.

We went into the museum to check it all out. Lon tried on the breeches buoy. Yes, you were allowed.

Discussing rigging with the Docent.

the mini Draken. They brought this over from Norway.  This was at the entrance to the newest of the museums. The Thomas Center.

We did a little exploring. This was at the entrance you could change the photo to a calm, frozen or raging sea

World War 1 Zazzle lines

We were on the green in time for the breeches buoy demonstration. Lon and I and a lot of Coast Guard Academy Cadets.

Sending the buoy to the ship in distress

And down he comes!

The end of our time at Mystic. It is always fun

After dinner, Lon, Mark and I went to Dairy Queen for a treat!   This little bird was swinging on the chain. just a little.

Mark and Lon in line

An evening visitor.

They are such cute destructive beasts.

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