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Friday, July 28, 2017

Two for Tuesday in Connecticut- part 1 Coast Guard Academy Museum

There are two blogs for Tuesday, this is the first one.   Mark and Grammalyn had somethings to do, so Lon and I did some fun things on our own.

The museum is located in the library and admission office building.  It is not very big, but Lon was loving it. Looking at the models at the entrance

A panel about the Princendam disaster.  My Dad flew rescue on that sinking, and helped out with co-ordinating between Coast Guard and Civilian.  Lon thought that was pretty cool.

Taking it all in. Learning some of the history

maybe someday

The figurehead from the Eagle!

Reading about Hurricane Katrina

Now off to find Grandpa's brick

Found it. It was clean and bright.

We were off to the next part of our day!

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