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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt at Middleton Place

Last night, there was a posting due to inclement weather the Middleton Egg hunt may have to be canceled.  We will watch the weather and make an announcement by 8:30am.   The storm raged all till well after I went to sleep.  I was not too hopeful that the Hunt would be happening.  I checked this morning, and it was ON! Lon was thrilled. We were on our way about 9:30am, I thought the hunt started at 10:00. The egg hunt for Lon's age group started at 11:20. We had lots of time to explore Middleton.
Lon all ready to go egg hunting in the rain!
Because it is Middleton, I will have lots of beauty shots !
Now he feels even more ready for the rain!
Yes, the basket is from my wedding (mark's too!)
Since I only use them now at Easter, they have kept remarkably well!
Our Easter Bunny Photo for this year.
What is the point of wearing rain boots if you can not go into puddles? I did have Lon get out of this one as there was another boy about to follow him in, but his mother was yelling at him not to get his shoes wet.   Lon did get to go through many many more puddles.
Petting Arthur. He let Lon pet him, but only for a few minutes.  Mary was not around. She likes to be petted much more than Arthur.
Not sure if Jethro has forgiven us for not visiting with him last time.

No frogs there today

Even though we saw no frogs, we saw turtles, can you see the little turtle head?

Can you see the alligator head? He is being sneaky, but that is his nature.
We saw big tents, and three u haul vans, two full of these beautiful flowers.  We found out there was going to be a wedding this afternoon with 300 guests.  Rain on your wedding day is a good thing!

The storm last night blew all the tulips apart, except for this one tough survivor!

The parents are also waiting for the last egg hunt of the day.
Not sure that this was handled as well as it could have been. The 8-10 year olds went last, each age group had their own section. This was good. However, since the bigger kids went last, the younger kids also joined in, with their parents helping them find the eggs. Also there should be a better way to check on the ceramic special eggs.  There was one child who collected three of them.  This was against the rules.   (one per child) It should have only been for the 8 to 10 year olds and once you found a ceramic egg, you would be done hunting eggs.    Lon had fun anyway.
Hunting for eggs!
Lon found a dozen eggs, you could take them back to the stable yards and dye them, but since everyone was done, the stable yards were going to be full, we walked through and the lines were there, not huge, but Lon was getting hungry, so it was time to go.
The eggs were boiled up last week, so we probably are going to use them for fertilizer.
Our friend the cashmere goat.  We love her! She is so soft and loves to be petted! Which is good since we love to pet her. My hands feel so good after!
The BIG puddle!!  Lon walked all the way through it. Some of it was just to the top of his boots! I walked around since I only had on tennis shoes.
After we got home, we all went to lunch together at Kelly's barbeque.  Lon likes the fried chicken and pickles. Today they had lima beans!  I love lima beans!
Mark was good and did not have dessert, tomorrow he will have 2 !
It was a good rainy day!

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