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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

We got home late, well, very very early on Sunday morning.  We went right to our beds, hoping the Easter Bunny would soon be arriving. Well, Lon wanted was excited that the bunny was coming. This year was going to be a test. He says he knew everything Mommy bought to put in his basket, so if there is anything other than that stuff, the Easter Bunny still is in business.    He told me two days ago he really wanted some of the mocha chocolates from Sees Candies. We do not have a Sees Candy store any where close to here.  I told him I would have had to order that last week if it was going to be here in time for Easter.  He was sad about that.  Lon got up just before 6am to see if I was awake enough to see if the baskets were out.  We had a nice cuddle for a little while, but by 7, it was just too much. He had to go see.

Not sure if he was really awake or not yet.
He was so happy to find a bag with 5 mochas from Sees Candies and a dark chocolate See's bunny.  Among all the other fun things!
Some American kinder eggs. Not as much fun as real Kinder eggs, but these are not illegal.
On of the first things was the Micro Millennium Falcon Lego.  He is going to start rebuilding the regular size Falcon soon!
Lon knew I got him Epic Mickey for his DS, and I was going to put it in his Easter Basket. The Easter Bunny took out Epic Mickey and gave him Disney's Magical World.   We are not sure where the Bunny put Epic Mickey, but that is not a worry right now.
Lon played his new game while I made french toast and bacon for breakfast.
Since Lon did not go to church last night, he wanted to go today. I took him.  It might have been the Easter Egg hunt after Mass that he really wanted to go to, but it worked either way.
After getting all the eggs he could find.
Just a little bit of candy, but he did not really need anymore, he just likes to hunt the eggs.
We had to take out the candy and give back the eggs so the church can use them next year. I have a bunch of eggs that we used in Kirkland, and probably won't use here. I am going to bring them to the church office next week so they have plenty for next year! Yes, I asked and yes, they want them.

This year we did not have an Easter party at our house. A combination of just moving in and my knee surgery. This does not mean we were not going to do something nice for us! I set the table with good china and real silver.  I made these little silverware pockets. Something cute for the table.
Our ham.  We got this ham from Piggly Wiggly at Christmas time. (it was in the freezer since then) If you had enough points (greenbax) on your Pig Card, you could get a free ham up to 9 pounds.  We did, so I did.  We have lots of yummy leftovers. It was a good ham. Well, it still is a good ham.
Lon is ready for dinner. I made the boys put on decent clothes too!  Lon ate a little ham.   He will have more tomorrow when he does not have as much chocolate.

Happy Easter!

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