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Friday, April 18, 2014

Dying Easter Eggs

Today was the day to dye Easter Eggs!
Setting up the dye. We boiled 12 eggs. The boxes of dye come with 9. Since we bought a few boxes of dye last year, we made three extra colors using double tablets.
We had helpers, for dropping in the eggs

After lunch, it was just us. Lon took out the eggs from the dye bath
The colors are coming out very nice. We added some glitter to the dye, so when they came out, glitter was stuck to the egg!
All the pretty colors !
Then, we had 12 mini vats of dye. What should we do with them? Last night as we were looking at Pintrest, we saw seashells dyed in egg dye.  We will give this a try!
Eggs and shells. The shells are more subtle than the eggs. I like the colors.Now we need to make something fun with the colored shells!
As we were waiting for the shells to dye, we thought we would make Lon's spring break assignment. Lon is supposed to make an instrument from stuff around the house.  I had a heavy tube left over from the Easter cellophane. Lon and I pushed many many 1/2 inch finishing nails randomly into the tube.
We then covered the tube with scrapbook paper, sealed the ends with part of the egg carton.  (covered with scrapbook paper).
Lon put in rice and popping corn kernels. It sounds very cool.   And we are finished before it is due!  And we did not buy anything, we had it all at the house!

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