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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Vigil

For the past few months, Mark has made the commitment to attend RCIA classes at church.  This means that he wants to become a Catholic.  Saturday night was the night he was confirmed in the Church. I am very proud of him.
Mark could not sit with me, he had to sit with his class, but I did get to sit behind him!
Easter Vigil, is a solemn and long mass!
Tony calling the class up, by their Saint names. Mark chose St. Isidore.
More prayers
What you can not see here, is the Monsignor anointing Mark's head with oil.
Mark is now confirmed in the Catholic Church! He can have communion with us.
There are more classes for him and he will have another ceremony in June (Pentacost) and then he will be a full member of the Catholic Church.  We will be having a party at the house then, come on down !
After mass was over, they had a very nice reception for the class. People came up and were congratulating me.  But it was all Mark.
I liked the centerpieces.  Mark did get me a box of dots.
If you are wondering where Lon was through all this, he was at home with a sitter. Mass started at 8:30pm and was not over till close to 11pm. Then the reception.  We found a sitter and let Lon stay home.
Mark and his official certificate.
It is such a big deal!!  I am very proud of him.
Thank you, honey!

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