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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Science Night at Spann

This afternoon, about 5:15, Lon told us that tonight was Science Night at school and he wanted to go. This was the first we heard of it!  We had dinner first, then we went!
There were 8 stations set up in the cafeteria. The first one Lon went to was the one to make slime. Yep, glue, water, and borax.  He wanted it red, but it turned out more of a deep rose. Lon said it looked more like a liver color.  He also thought it felt and looked like a liver.  Then I put the baggie of it in my purse.
The kids got a passport that they could get stamped at every station, and once all 9 were filled out, they put it in their grade bucket. Later on that night they would draw names for prizes that would be delivered to the kids on Friday morning at school.
This was really fun. The teachers lifted a bubble up over the tops of the kids!  Lon was the tallest kid they had so far, it took a couple tries for them to get it tall enough!
Each letter of the alphabet was assigned a coin value. The kids had to add up the amount of money that their name spelled.  Lon thought just his first name was too easy, so he did his entire name. First, middle and last. It came to $1.23.
Fun with magnets!
Music by the numbers. The kids followed along with the numbers and tried to guess which song they just played. Lon got Row Your Boat.
The last station was down stairs.  They had trout from Publix.  The kids got to put paint on them.
The teacher then put the painted fish to paper
I hope Lon's fish will be delivered to his classroom tomorrow. They would not let us take it till it dried a little more.
Lon ran his name up to his class bucket. We will let you know if he wins any prizes.
It was a fun night. Glad we went.

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