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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Market !!

Hooray! Hooray! The Saturday Market is open again!
There were alot of fun things to see!
Lon found the tent making balloon things (not just animals) for a dollar.
A sword and a belt!
Such a happy boy!
Lon is talking the Heather, our go to plant lady!  We have to replace a tree in our front yard, it did not survive the winter.  Lon wants a blueberry plant. And she has peach trees and apricot trees!  I might be getting carried away with the fruit trees.
After we finished walking around the market, picking up a few yummy things, we went down to the new train store.
Lon really wanted to check it out! It is a small space.  They have some 0 gauge trains and track.  Which is what our Christmas Train is. I am thinking about getting a little N gauge railroad for the dining room.
Lon would have a great time with that!
We were getting hungry, so we went to a new place in town, called Italy.
The boys were goofing around waiting for lunch to arrive.
The food was very good. The waitresses were great, the chef even came out to talk to Mark. Mark asked the waitress if they had Risotto. The chef gave Mark his cell number and told him to call him when he wanted Risotto for dinner and he would have it for him!
Being nice to each other.
The last part of our happy saturday was going grocery shopping. Lon really wanted a watermelon, so we spent the 7 dollars for a 33 pound watermelon. It even has seeds!!  I am so thrilled about seeded watermelon. Lon and I are going to have a seed spitting contest!

It's one HUGE watermelon! It is also very tasty!

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