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Monday, April 14, 2014

Seder Meal.

Tonight at church was our Seder meal. It was a way to learn about the heritage of our church. It was a potluck deal, so I brought a flourless chocolate torte, and a broccoli salad.
Broccoli salad  does not photograph well. It was really good, I will make it again.
Both the cake and the salad
 Mark got to sit at the head table since he was in RCIA.

Lon waiting for the ceremony to start.
The Monsignor came over and asked Lon to read the youngest part.
Lon studying his part. He read it over, quietly outloud, 6 times.  He was a little nervous.
Lon reading the questions.  He did not stumble over any words, and since he practiced before hand.
Several people came up to Lon and told him what a great job he did.  We were so proud of him!!

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