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Saturday, June 06, 2015


Lon has outgrown his bike. It is a 20 inch bike we bought for him down here.   Lon's birthday is coming up!

Dad and Lon had already went to Target, K-mart and the downtown bike shop to look at bikes.  Target had the one he wanted !
He is VERY happy

It's still here! RIGHT HERE! This is it!!

Isn't this a great bike?!

It's a Mongoose!

We also got a helmet. A big bike requires a helmet. If he is going to go fast and far, this is not a question.

Putting air in the tires!

Straightening the steering wheel.

Ready to RIDE!

He is up and moving!

He is able to keep up with Dad!

Thank you, Grandma for the early birthday present!

He loves his new bike!!

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