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Saturday, June 20, 2015

5 Loaves

There is a new place to eat in Summerville, well okay, it has been here a few months.  We have heard good things about it.  Every time we tried to go there it was always packed! Today, we got lucky! No waiting at lunch time. As an added bonus, 10% of all the proceeds will go to the Emanuel  AME Church families fund.

The menu!

Mark got the cornmeal trout sandwich. I had she crab soup and the chicken cobb salad. But they were out of avocados.  Lon got the grilled chicken strips.  I am not sure he noticed that they were grilled.  He tried them and loved them!  Yay for Lon!

We were happy it was air conditioned inside!

The wait was not long, but the boys used their time playing the word search and tic tac toe!

Lon ate his chicken, broccoli and grapes, so chocolate cake!  Well, chocolate raspberry hazelnut cake.  The cake was not bad.

We enjoyed 5 loaves and will be back again.

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