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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lon's TENTH Birthday Party

Yes, it's that time of year again.   These birthdays are coming much to fast for me.   This year's theme was SCIENCE!
The cake all decorated. The candles were supposed to be sparkler candles.

Chocolate cake, chocolate covered popcorn lava rocks, and cherry filling. Lon thought have "lava" inside was a cool idea. I made a hollow in the center of the cone and filled it with cherry filling. Really fun.
Just waiting on the boys !

The food we served. Deviled eggs, carrots and ranch, fruit and fruit dip,  pasta salad, sweet and sour meatballs, chicken fingers and dipping sauces, chocolate covered popcorn. yoda punch and iced tea. and of course the cake!

The boys have arrived!

Our first experiment was mentos in diet cola.  Each boy got two bottles of soda.

Geysers! I wanted to do this before it rained!

The  boys were loving this !

Time for some food !

Blowing up balloons with vinegar and baking soda
At another break in the rain, we tried exploding bags of color.  The cheap zippy bags I got at walmart were really tough!   I think next time we add even MORE vinegar and more baking soda!  We made snow too, equal parts of baking soda and shaving cream.  Then we made a snowball out of it, and poured vinegar on top!  Lots of bubbles!

Time for Cake!

The thin candles never really did spark well
Present time!
Lon got some wonderful gifts. This is his very own hammer! Dad got him a tool box and some tools of his very own.
Thank you notes get started tomorrow!

Our last experiment was breaking apart geodes!

Everyone was having a hard time with the rocks !

They are inside some old socks of Lon's so the pieces do not fly around

Daddy had to help with the geodes. They were all solid crystals in the center. None were really exciting.

Lon had a great party and a great time with his friends!

Thank you all!

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