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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Yesterday, Mark and I celebrated 20 years of marriage!   I made dinner reservations months ago at a place in Charleston called Husk. We had heard good things about it. The menu changes constantly. What ever is fresh and available.
It was easy to find and there was parking almost right next door. We got the last spot in that lot.

While Mark wanted to walk around downtown, I wore pretty shoes instead of good shoes.

Just across the street. I can not remember the name of the hotel, but Robert E Lee stayed there during the great fire.  Or at least that is what I remember from the carriage ride we took at Christmas time

Our table.  Dinner was very good.

We ordered something to drink, I had a drink called Summah Lovin. It was a grapefruit thing.  Mark tried the shrubs. First he had a ginger then a watermelon. I am looking up recipes now to make them. They were very good.

For our starter, Mark had the smoked pork ribs.  I had a salad with peaches, peanuts, ricotta, and a pickled peach vinaigrette. It was amazing!

Our main course: Mark had the catfish, with a corn and blackeyed pea mix, cherry tomatoes and summer squash.
I had the chicken breast with ricotta gnocchi and field peas.
For dessert I should have listened to Mark. I ordered the chocolate cake. I am never happy with chocolate cake in restaurants.  and sadly, this was not an exception.   Mark had the rice pudding with peaches and berries. THAT was good. The coffee came in little individual french presses.  The waiter brings them to the table and presses and pours, then takes away the press.
It was a wonderful meal to celebrate 20 years !
And Lon spent the night at Jacks.

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