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Friday, June 12, 2015

A Birthday Party!

Even though Lon is a big boy, he was invited to a birthday party for his four year old friends! We are so happy to have been invited!
Two cakes for two very special boys!

Lon practices the balance beam with his own cheerleader!

Lon was playing with the kids in the ball pit.
He was having fun.

Being pushed around by the boy's grandparents. Lon was loving it

He was really enjoying being rolled around.

Then it was pizza, cake and present time.

We were so happy to have been invited, thank you!

The boys gave out the best favors! Giant lollipops. They are very similar to the ones my grandfather got for me at Disney World.  I shamelessly asked for one for myself and have been enjoying it all evening. Thank you boys. It was a fun day and the lollipop brought back wonderful memories for me.

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