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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Today was a busy day
Ranger was sleeping in

Scout was waiting to play trains

Daddy was checking his mail.

Bacon, it's whats for breakfast

Then it was time for church.   We made it just barely on time!

After church we went to the Endless Yard Sale. It was sponsored by the HGTV show.

The talent. I recognized the host. He used to have his own show and auction house in Atalanta. Gallery 63. I enjoyed that show. I did not go and talk to him since he was busy and by the time he was not busy he was gone out of the heat!

We had been looking for a small desk for Lon. He had it in his head he wanted a roll top.  We saw one a few weeks ago at a consignment store, but it was very expensive and the wood was coming apart. It was not solid wood.
This is solid wood, nothing falling apart and 45 dollars!  Lon won the yard sale!

We spotted one of the birds installations!

We tried a couple places downtown, but the waits were so long!  We chose not to stay.  We went to Graze and got right in.  We had not been there before. It was a little dark in there but not super gloomy
Mark got the burger and loved it. Lon got fried chicken and enjoyed it. I had the French toast and they forgot the syrup, but it was not bad.

Lon ate his entire lunch, so he got dessert. They said this was as souffle. It was not a souffle. It was a molten carmel cake. It was still good, well, Lon said it was good, he ate it all.

So far it has been a good day!

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