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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lon's Birthday!

Today was Lon's actual birthday! We wanted to do something fun, something we had not done before.  We thought that going to lunch in Myrtle Beach would be fun!  So that is what we did.
A question arose on why it was called Myrtle Beach.  The answer is a nice lady came up with the name for a contest. She called it Myrtle Beach because of the wax myrtle trees growing wild along the shore.

Not as far away as it seemed on the map

The main street was too crowded to go down, but it looks like lots of fun

The Hollywood Wax Museum.
We drove by 12 different mini golf courses. We decided when we come back we will go to the Montezuma mini golf

We found the Disney Store!  There were lots of princess things.  We did not get much, but Lon did discover Tsum Tsums.  Silly little squishy things


Lon had been looking forward to it!

Our first table.  Once we got our food, we noticed a lot of empty tables next to the water.  So we moved

Jr. Cheeseburger in Paradise. Lon really did like it. He ate it all with a big dill pickle!

We ordered special drinks that were supposed to come in souvenir cups, but when they were served, they were in plain cups. I asked and she said they were out.  But she mentioned it to us when we were ordering! I was a bit annoyed.

A lady on stilts! She was blowing up balloons for the kids

This is what she made for Lon for his birthday. Um, okay. It was rather odd.

Looking at the fish in the pond. there were lots o big fish!

The desserts were chocolate bread pudding, key lime pie and a HUGE thing called a chocolate hurricane. That looked good, but it was way too big, and it was 17 dollars. We passed.

I was hoping they would do something for his birthday, but they did not. Even though I said something to the wait staff four different times!
The food was good, but the service was odd

Good news was there was a Cold Stone Creamery next door!!

Lon with his ice cream and sprinkles!

When we got home, Lon wanted pizza and ice cream cake for dinner. We took a little trip to Harris Teeter, and got a pizza there. The ice cream cake was fun.

The boys enjoying ice cream!

It was a really fun birthday day!

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